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Wallcolors Wallpapers - unique and orginal wallpapers and wall murals

06 of December '23

Wallcolors Wallpapers - a manufacturer ofwallpapers and wall murals, whose unique and original design and the highest quality workmanship attract the attention of customers around the world. The company creates beautiful and unique wall decorations that inspire you to change your interior design and give it a unique character.

Tapeta „Botanic - Green”

Wallpaper "Botanic - Green"


The sublime style of Wallcolors wallpapers and murals is based on a high sense of aesthetics, attention to detail and unconventional design. Each wallpaper can be customized according to specific customer requirements, so it always looks perfect. Customers can choose the texture and structure of the product themselves, and a team of specialists is available to help and advise at every stage of the purchase.

Dots „Unicorn”

Dots "Unicorn"


All available materials are fully tested and guaranteed for quality and durability. The production stage is carried out on the highest quality printing machines using eco-friendly inks, making the technology clean for the environment and safe for users. The issue of ecology is very important for Wallcolors, which is why all products are packed in cardboard tubes, and the use of plastic elements is limited to the minimum necessary, which allows them to be completely recyclable.

Tapeta „Botanic Beast”

Wallpaper "Botanic Beast"


Wallcolors welcomes architects, designers, decorators and all those who are professionally responsible for interior design.

Tapeta „Ceylon”

Wallpaper "Ceylon"


If you use wallpaper and murals in your work and are looking for original and interesting designs, be sure to join the Wallcolors affiliate program. Enjoy an attractive commission or discount model dedicated to you, guaranteeing lower prices and fixed discounts. Gain access to several hundred high-quality unique textures, a selection of top-notch materials, samples, designs and visualizations for your customers. In addition, save time with short lead times. Working with Wallcolors, you are guaranteed support, commitment, openness and flexibility to achieve jointly developed success.

Mural „Bushido”

Mural "Bushido" © WALLCOLORS.


For more information on wallpapers and wall decorations and cooperation, as well as a list of places where you can see and buy Wallcolors products stationary, please visit

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