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Aesthetic and comfortable interiors

18 of March '23

Hunter Douglas' unique and increasingly functional ceilings and wall coverings. From the series „Ceilings, wall coverings—trends 2023”.

Interiors in public and common spaces of buildings and other public facilities are becoming more and more representative, but also personalized and adapted to the needs of users. Companies and institutions are thus responding to the changing needs of their employees, but they also care about a friendly and representative environment where their customers, contractors and business partners also reside. Hence, in modern offices, museums, banks and shopping centers, we find noble finishing materials such as wood, which gives warmth, elegance and a sense of closeness to nature, or felt ceilings with excellent acoustic properties.

How to create a modern place with a warm atmosphere?

The comfort of the spaces in question is influenced by many factors. The most important of these is the overall atmosphere of the interior, which consists of visual impressions from the perception of surrounding colors and finishing materials, especially walls and ceilings, as well as light and acoustic comfort.

Wall finishes are becoming increasingly important. They are no longer smooth paint-painted surfaces. Nowadays, walls are becoming more and more interesting, often structured and textured, finished with unique materials in the color scheme of choice. Hunter Douglas products fit perfectly into this trend," says Jacek Szeląg, General Manager at Hunter Douglas Poland.—Similarly, ceilings that are not only functional, ecological and beautiful, but also take over other functions such as air-conditioning rooms. Such a solution is the just-launched Pareaulux Climate line of cooling ceilings on the Polish market, possible in a choice of aluminum, felt or wood finishes.

Solid Wood Grid, Wrocław Business Garden

Solid Wood Grid, Wroclaw Business Garden

© Hunter Douglas

Non-trivial walls in office space

Examples of investments where non-trivial walls were chosen are the Citi Bank branches in Olsztyn and Warsaw, and the Chmielna 89 office building in Warsaw, which was fully occupied by PKO BP. Solid Wood Grid wall coverings from Hunter Douglas were used in the office spaces in all these locations. They created truly natural walls with excellent acoustic performance and superior fire resistance.

Solid Wood Grid adds warmth to designed interiors by using a sustainable and timeless material—solid wood, which with its natural warm color balances the neutral color palette of office spaces. The system's versatility allows it to be used both as a wall cladding to improve room acoustics and as openwork partitions to separate individual zones in common spaces.

Solid Wood Grid from Hunter Douglas is a solution that is easy to install and can be used in all types of buildings. Linear Solid Wood Grid wall systems are made to measure, making it very easy to fit its components together.

Linear Solid Wood, Fabryka Norblina, Warszawa

Linear Solid Wood, Norblin Factory, Warsaw, Poland.

© Hunter Douglas

Solid Wood Grid, Biuro HP, Wrocław

Solid Wood Grid, HP Office, Wroclaw, Poland.

© Hunter Douglas

Ceilings—the underrated heroes of interiors

An example of an interesting solution is a wood ceiling with the same name as the previously mentioned wall system—Solid Wood Grid, also from Hunter Douglas. It has been used, among others, in the Manufaktura shopping center in Łódź—one of the most recognizable buildings of its kind in Poland due to its industrial character, among other things.

Each of SUD Polska's projects is unique and closely related to the DNA of the investment. The range of solutions offered by Hunter Douglas allows us to implement most, even very ambitious concepts. Not without significance is also the high quality of the products, which allows us to use Hunter Douglas ceilings without worrying about the end result," says Natalia Jabłońska, Interior Design Manager of SUD Polska—the studio that chose Solid Wood Grid for use in the Manufaktura shopping center in Łódź.

Also worth noting is HeartFelt Linear, a ceiling system that was used, among other places, in the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek near Warsaw. It can be found in almost all parts of the museum—exhibition halls, offices, corridors and staircases. Heartfelt Linear is a modular felt ceiling available in the form of round and rectangular panels that can be easily attached to specially designed support rails. Its important advantage is that it provides great acoustic comfort, which affects our well-being. With HeartFelt® panels, it is possible to achieve a sound absorption index (αw) of 0.45 (module 100) to 0.70 (module 50). What's more, five shades of gray and a palette of five earth colors are available to create a warm atmosphere in a room. HeartFelt Linear is also an environmentally safe product, as it is 100 percent recyclable or easily reused.

Heartfel Linear, Muzeum Piłsudskiego Sulejówek

Heartfel Linear, Pilsudski Museum Sulejówek

© Hunter Douglas

Keep up and stay ahead of the competition

More and more is expected of finishing materials. It is no longer enough that they are eco-friendly, recyclable, functional, easy to install, use and maintain. Increasingly, they are also taking over the functions of other important systems operating in buildings. An example of such a product is the latest Pareaulux Climate ceiling system, now available on the Polish market. Hunter Douglas has teamed up with Inteco to provide innovative climate systems with exceptionally high cooling capacity.

Pareaulux ceilings are available in three different variants, each of which can be customized to meet specific needs and aesthetic requirements. There are also a variety of panel colors and sizes to choose from.

Pareaulux 30BD Cooling Ceiling

Metal linear panels made of durable, roll-formed aluminum and finished with a coating that ensures long life with little maintenance.

Pareaulux 30BD Sufit chłodzący, Groninger Forum, Groningen, Niderlandy

Pareaulux 30BD Cooling Ceiling, Groninger Forum, Groningen, Netherlands.

© Hunter Douglas

Pareaulux HeartFelt® Cooling Ceiling

A modular, linear ceiling made of slatted panels made from thermally molded PES fibers. The material adds warmth to a room while maintaining a simple aesthetic.

Pareaulux HeartFelt® Sufit chłodzący

Pareaulux HeartFelt® Cooling Ceiling

© Hunter Douglas

PareauLux Wood Veneered Grid Cooling Ceiling

Wooden grid ceilings are timeless and valued for their natural appearance. Due to the stability of the material's form, there is a great deal of freedom in the width and thickness of the slats.

HeartFelt Linear, Biuro Afas Head Office, Leusden, Niderlandy

HeartFelt Linear, Afas Head Office, Leusden, the Netherlands

© Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas develops its products to not only meet the requirements and expectations of the end users, but also to be as flexible and combinable as possible. This allows architects to develop their creativity and focus on possibilities rather than limitations," concludes Jacek Szeląg, General Manager at Hunter Douglas Poland.

PareauLux Drewniany Fornirowany Sufit chłodzący (Weneered Wood Grid)

PareauLux Wood Veneered Cooling Ceiling (Weneered Wood Grid)—Town Hall, Didam, Netherlands

© Hunter Douglas

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