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Hunter Douglas Architectural introduces HeartFelt® Groove: a combination of superior acoustic performance and aesthetics

02 of January '24

Hunter Douglas Architectural, a leader in innovative architectural solutions, introduces HeartFelt® Groove, an eye-catching new model from the renowned HeartFelt® ceiling collection. This unique ceiling system features slim felt panels, providing unparalleled acoustic and visual performance that redefines interior design possibilities.

An evolution in ceiling design

The centerpiece of HeartFelt® Groove is a panel in a new form that will completely change the way we approach ceilings. It is a 60 mm wide by 50 mm high panel with a W-like cross section. When installed in an 80 mm module, it visually creates an arrangement of thin 20 mm slats with a 20 mm gap. HeartFelt® Groove features a sophisticated palette of five shades of gray. Katrin Summ, Product Manager at Hunter Douglas Architectural, said:

HeartFelt® Groove is the new definition of a ceiling panel. More than just an architectural element, it is an experience of sound, style and sophistication.

"W-Form" distinction

Previous panels were mostly variations on the box shape (the "U" form). HeartFelt® Groove takes a bold step by introducing the "W-form." This double folding of the felt strip creates a "form in form", introducing a unique standard in the linear ceiling market.

HeartFelt® Groove

HeartFelt® Groove

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

Additional optical effect

Looking at this ceiling system, you will notice the very narrow 20 mm wide panels giving the impression of numerous narrow fins, each with an optical distance of 20 mm. It is the shape of the panels and the technical suspension system that help create this illusion effect. The actual number of panels installed is half as large as it might seem, simplifying the installation process. This solution enhances both the aesthetics and acoustics of the space.

Acoustic excellence

One of the outstanding features of the HeartFelt® Groove ceiling system is its exceptional acoustic performance. Its impressive sound absorption coefficient (αw) value of 0.70 makes it an ideal choice for rooms where sound quality is of utmost importance. Whether in offices or conference rooms, the ceiling system ensures crystal clarity of every word and uninterrupted delivery of every presentation.

HeartFelt® Groove

HeartFelt® Groove

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

Elegance and versatility

The double bending of the Groove panel during the manufacturing process makes it extremely strong and rigid, all without the need for additional materials. These properties extend its use beyond ceilings, making it ideal for wall panels. The HeartFelt® Groove system not only improves the acoustics of a space, but also provides an authentic, warm look.

With the introduction of HeartFelt® Groove, Hunter Douglas Architectural once again proves its commitment to innovation and excellence. This revolutionary ceiling system perfectly combines acoustics and aesthetics to offer an unparalleled architectural design experience.

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