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Office spaces of the future

24 of November '23

From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2023"

In recent years, the function and role of the office has been changing greatly, and consequently, so have the expectations of such interiors. They are to be spacious, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, while at the same time encouraging cooperation and conversation and fostering concentration. Safety and staying comfort (acoustics and temperature) also matter. Not without significance is also the ecological dimension, the durability of solutions and the possibility of recycling already used materials. Ceilings and wall coverings from Hunter Douglas Architectural meet these conditions.

Modern office interiors and other public buildings are increasingly demanding spaces. Ceilings and walls have become the basis of design. They themselves create the aesthetics of the space and determine the direction of its finishing," says Jacek Szeląg, General Manager at Hunter Douglas Poland.

Walls in an office space

Wall panels from Hunter Douglas are available in standard or acoustic versions. Acoustic panels are the perfect solution for conference rooms, offices, schools, concert halls, hotels, lecture halls and many other spaces. Acoustic wall panels are perfect for any room where noise control is important. It is possible to combine several different Hunter Douglas architectural products, such as felt, solid wood or veneered wood, in a wall design. Wood panels can also be perforated. Several perforation patterns are available so that the required absorption rate can be achieved. Standard or custom perforated panels can be combined with smooth panels, or you can choose a special Nano Wood perforation for effective sound absorption, which is only visible up close.

biurowiec DFB, Frankfurt

HeartFelt® Linear ceiling, DFB Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

Solid Wood Grid wall cladding is very popular in Poland. Wood creates an elegant yet warm interior atmosphere. Solid Wood Grid allows you to create truly natural walls with excellent acoustic performance and excellent fire resistance. Solid wood, for example: oak is a balanced and timeless material. Its warm hues balance the neutral color palette of office spaces. Solid Wood Grid is easy to install and can be used in all types of buildings and rooms.

Ceilings for special tasks

Hunter Douglas Architectural's wide range of Solid Wood Grid and Linear Solid Wood ceilings guarantee natural warmth and acoustic comfort. An unparalleled range of finishes and natural shades allows you to create a breathtaking effect. Contributing to this is the use of different wood species and their natural properties and appearance.

Concrete Veneer ceiling and wall panels are an innovative line, allowing you to enjoy the practicality of concrete, giving interiors a distinct industrial character, and acoustic comfort at the same time. The core is MDF board, while the top layer of the board is made of at least 85% cement, making it indistinguishable from "real" concrete, and much lighter. Microperforation as an option gives us an NRC value of 0.64 so it is particularly suitable for large public buildings.

HeartFelt® textile ceilings - are products with a unique appearance and exceptional acoustic properties, 100% recyclable. The abundance of colors, modules and dimensions of felt panels allows you to create individual ceiling designs, providing unique visual effects. HeartFelt® profiles are made of thermoformed non-woven PES and tested for fire resistance according to B-S1, d0 classification.

HeartFelt® Baffles are ideal for reducing noise and reverberation. They are used to improve acoustics in concert halls, theaters, conference rooms and other places for which good sound quality is important.

Sufit HeartFelt® Baffles, Siedziba Agristo w Wielsbeke, Belgia

HeartFelt® Baffles ceiling, Agristo Headquarters in Wielsbeke, Belgium.

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

HeartFelt® Linear is an innovative and patented product with excellent acoustic properties. HeartFelt® Linear ceiling panels are available in round and rectangular panels that can be easily attached to specially designed support rails.

In 2023, Hunter Douglas Architectural's product line has been expanded to include several new unique products: HeartFelt® Pareaulux, HeartFelt® Origami Weave and Curve, and HeartFelt® Groove.

Unique in its versatility, the Pareaulux Climate ceiling comes in three variants: Pareaulux 30BD Cooling Ceiling, PareauluxHeartFelt® Cooling Ceiling and PareauLux Wood Veneered Grid Cooling Ceiling. These products are more energy efficient than standard air conditioning systems, achieve the highest possible efficiency and are completely silent.

Sufit Pareaulux HeartFelt®, Siedziba Afas w Leusden, Niderlandy

Pareaulux HeartFelt® ceiling, Afas Headquarters in Leusden, the Netherlands.

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

HeartFelt® Origami is a felt ceiling system in the existing range, modeled after the Japanese origami paper-folding technique. Two new shapes, Weave and Curve, were introduced in 2023, expanding the possibilities for creative design of unique interiors. The sound absorption coefficient αw for these ceilings is about 0.8. They also reduce the effect of sound resonance and reduce the volume of voices in busy office spaces, public buildings and other rooms.

Sufit HeartFelt® Origami Weave

HeartFelt® Origami Weave Ceiling

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

Sufit HeartFelt® Origami Curve

HeartFelt® Origami Curve ceiling

© Hunter Douglas Architectural

The latest product from Hunter Douglas Architectural is HeartFelt® Groove, which features slim felt panels for unparalleled acoustic and visual performance.

Hunter Douglas Architectural also offers metal ceilings made of aluminum or steel, available in slatted, wide-leaf, louvered, bent, expanded metal and coffered configurations.

Hunter Douglas products are often chosen by architectural offices around the world. This is determined not only by their high quality and durability, but also by their excellent parameters, for example: acoustic and fire resistance properties, and exceptional aesthetics. However, what draws the special attention of architects is the richness of materials, forms and colors used, as well as the possibility of customization to size. All these elements guarantee full artistic freedom in the design process," concludes Jacek Szeląg.

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