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Ecophon Solo for design and the environment

19 of March '23

Ecophon Solo free-hanging acoustic panels.
From the series „Ceilings, wall coverings—ideas and inspiration 2023”.

Ecophon is a leading provider of acoustic solutions that contribute to the performance and quality of life of interior users. We believe that sound can make a difference in our lives, and we are committed to spreading awareness of the importance of room acoustics for the well-being of room users—regardless of location, type of activity and needs.

The influence of acoustics on our perception of a room is obvious and confirmed by numerous studies, but our subjective perception of interior conditions is not just about sound. A room must be conducive to the well-being and productivity of its occupants. Visual and environmental aspects are also important.

Ceilings and walls are part of every room, and despite changing trends, they are some of the largest surfaces that can shape the acoustics and character of an interior.

Sound-absorbing wall-to-wall ceilings and wall panels that absorb horizontal sound reflections are the basis for providing optimal acoustics. The best results are obtained in a combination of several types of systems, but sometimes the installation of modular ceilings is impossible or inadvisable, or simply does not fit in with the designer's concepts.

Ecophon Solo Matrix w czeskim biurze Pure Storage

Ecophon Solo Matrix in Pure Storage's Czech office

© Ecophon

Then, still in the interest of room acoustics, but also to ensure visual appeal, we can use Ecophon Solo free-hanging acoustic panels. This is a solution that can be used wherever installation of another solution is not possible. The iconic Ecophon Solo™ panels provide design freedom and the opportunity to create new, unprecedented arrangements. The free-hanging panels are 40 mm thick and are available in all shapes, colors and sizes. They give you a choice of coating and installation method that will work for the craziest arrangements.

The wide range of products and their variants makes this system unrivaled in creating original, but also classic interiors. Panels of traditional shapes can create both symmetrical arrangements and completely unexpected arrangements of them. The system can be hung at different heights, which gives further opportunities to play with the product and its perception. When combined with interesting lighting, more or less subtle variations on the ceiling can be created.

Ecophon Solo w biurze 3M, Wrocław

Ecophon Solo in the 3M office, Wroclaw, Poland.

© Ecophon

In addition to the horizontally mounted Ecophon Solo free-hanging panels, there is also a line of vertical Ecophon Solo Baffle panels, which, in addition to the standard shape, also come in the form of waves or zigzags. And like the horizontal panels, they can come in many colors and variations. Shape, color, installation method, distance—these are just some of the elements that allow us to play with the Ecophon Solo Baffle system, which is limited only by our imagination.

Ecophon Solo Baffle Wave, The British School of Barcelona

Ecophon Solo Baffle Wave, The British School of Barcelona

© Ecophon

The free-hanging Ecophon Solo system also comes in a premium version and that is the Ecophon Solo™ Textile—a panel entirely covered with a textile coating available in a variety of colors, combining high acoustic performance with elegance and interesting design. Solo Textile stimulates the senses, offering a rich sensory experience.

Ecophon Solo Textile, showroom Schaffenburg, Holandia

Ecophon Solo Textile, showroom Schaffenburg, Netherlands.

© Ecophon

Some rooms require quick and easy access to the ceiling. The Solo family is the answer to this need as well. Ecophon Solo Matrix is a system whose each panel, without additional installations, has an inspection hatch function and can be easily removed. It is suitable for use in larger areas where large ceiling coverage is required, but wall-to-wall ceiling installation is not possible. A large selection of formats allows you to create interesting ceiling arrangements.

Ecophon Solo Matrix, Laboratorium Zrównoważonej Energii, Irlandia Północna

Ecophon Solo Matrix, Sustainable Energy Laboratory, Northern Ireland

© Ecophon

Providing acoustic comfort in interiors is at the core of what we do. We also know that with Ecophon's wide range of products, including Ecophon Solo systems that give almost unlimited design possibilities, will help create visually interesting interiors. However, just as important as caring for people is our concern for the environment, which is why we are committed to clear rules, full transparency and high-quality materials so as to restore sustainability credibility in our industry. Construction is at record levels in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. The sector accounts for 38 percent of global CO2 emissions. That's why it's so important to choose environmentally friendly products.

Pełna transparentność w dokumentacji Ecophon

Full transparency in Ecophon documentation

© Ecophon

For us, full transparency is the foundation of all sustainability efforts. Current industry practice often has little to do with sustainability—it resorts to greenwashing, manipulation of numbers and statistics, or empty gestures and promises We try by our own actions to set an example of how our industry should approach this critical topic for our future.

We are developing EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for individual products—not entire product groups—which should be the norm in the industry today. Our approach means fewer opportunities to hide the high carbon footprint of individual products in a generally defined average.

We include accurate information about the carbon footprint of individual products in catalogs and on websites, making it easier to access the data needed to design greener interiors and buildings. Consideration of these issues, including as an absolute basis for carbon footprint calculations, is an increasingly important parameter for assessing the level of sustainability of a business, which is becoming increasingly important to stakeholders and investors who are still eager to invest in stationary offices for their employees.

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