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Ecophon - Acoustic systems that transform interior acoustic comfort

09 of December '23

Sounds like Ecophon

Many studies show the negative effects of noise on health. Fortunately, the growing awareness of these risks is helping in the early planning of interior acoustics, which is contributing to the creation of better spaces for work, study, convalescence or entertainment. Ecophon has been developing, designing and selling acoustic systems that transform interior acoustic comfort for years.

Thanks to the variety of products and their variants, you no longer have to choose between original design and good acoustics. Ecophon is the answer to changing design trends, but also to the ever higher acoustic requirements of users. No matter what your design needs are, we will deliver products that will meet even your exorbitant expectations.

Sufit podwieszany Ecophon

Ecophon suspended ceiling


Suspended ceilings

The ceiling is often the largest surface that shapes a room's acoustics. Ecophon offers acoustic modular ceilings in a wide range of colors, edges, sizes and installation options. Discreet combinations or bold lines, subdued colors or distinctive combinations, suspended or direct installation, moisture and impact resistance, or perhaps a custom imprint? The possibilities don't end there.

Panele ścienne Akusto Freedom

Akusto Freedom wall panels


Wall panels

Sound-absorbing wall panels are the perfect complement to acoustic ceilings, as they absorb horizontal sound reflections for better speech clarity. With the new release of Akusto Freedom, it is possible to design your own shape! This will give your interior an even more individual touch. Have fun with the shape, color and wall mounting options.

Ecophon Solo

Ecophon Solo


Free-hanging panels

The timeless Ecophon Solo free-hanging systems, with their different shapes, colors and hanging options, allow you to take care of acoustics where installation of traditional systems is impossible or inadvisable. All panels have excellent acoustics and allow you to create an amazing space.

Tynk akustyczny Ecophon Fade w Victorian Pride Center

Ecophon Fade acoustic plaster at the Victorian Pride Center


Acoustic plaster

Ecophon Fade™ combines the flexible properties of plaster with the comfort of sound absorption. It enables the creation of sophisticated expressions or invisible installations on ceilings without compromising acoustic comfort. Available in 2 types of coatings and with the option to order any color.

Tkanina napinana Ecophon Clipso

Ecophon Clipso stretch fabric


Stretch fabric

Clipso™ flexible fabric allows you to create discreet installations or eye-catching forms on walls and ceilings. It is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Clipso™ combines sound-absorbing properties with great design freedom.

Concern for the environment

Ecophon's sustainability is the result of our ambition to achieve the lowest carbon footprint products and production, a commitment to transparently communicating our progress today and beyond, and our unwavering belief that together we can bring the world a zero-carbon acoustics project.

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