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Stretch ceilings created with passion. Experience millions of square meters of coatings from DPS Group

09 of December '23

At DPS Group, we take an individual approach to each project and constantly follow global trends. Millions of square meters of manufactured coatings have built our experience and give us the name of a world leader. Stretch ceilings are our passion and we want to share it.

Czarne sufity napinane z listwami LED w Hotelu Crystal Mountain

Black stretch ceilings with LED strips at Crystal Mountain Hotel



DPS stretch coatings allow you to achieve an unusual finishing effect and give the surface an original shape. A range of more than 120 colors in various textures and the possibility of personalization with any imprint, provide a wide range of possibilities in creating a designer, unique space.

Panele świetlne z nadrukiem w siedzibie Werner Bros

Printed light panels at Werner Bros headquarters



Translucent materials allow us to create great elements in the form of ceilings, walls, panels and light decorations. The possibilities they give us are very wide, both in size and shape. In our offer we have standard products and those that we create for a specific project.

Panele dekoracyjne

Decorative panels



Our offer includes products that eliminate acoustic reverberation and help soundproof the interior. DPS FONOSORBER® acoustic solutions combine high sound absorption with exceptional design. They can be successfully used in both dry and high-humidity rooms.

Lustrzane panele sufitowe

Mirror ceiling panels



Our offer includes both stretch coatings with a glossy texture, as well as DPS Mirror panels, 100% imitating a traditional mirror. Both products are safe, unbreakable and have legally required certificates. Our customers successfully use mirror ceilings in both private and public spaces.

Satynowe powłoki napinane

Satin stretch coatings



Today we pay more attention to hygiene and safety than in the past. DPS Biopruf membranes have a special additive Bio-Pruf® that prevents the multiplication of dangerous fungi, microbes, algae and bacteria on their surface. For years we have been successfully using them both on ceilings and walls of buildings of all purposes.

We work with architects, interior designers, general contractors and builders.

What project can we help you with today?

Sufity dekoracyjne z nadrukiem

Printed decorative ceilings


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