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The most important questions about DPS stretch ceilings and walls. Is it worth choosing them? What do architects think about it?

25 of March '23

Modern PVC and textile walls and ceilings.
From the series „Ceilings, wall coverings—ideas and inspirations 2023”.

Stretch membranes are increasingly replacing traditional wall and ceiling finishes. Their choice is supported primarily by functionality, ease of installation, as well as the ability to create a visually unique space. However, some people prefer to stick to tradition when choosing finishing materials, and look at modern PVC or textile walls and ceilings with distrust. Is there anything to fear? What are stretch ceilings and walls really like, and how are they better than traditional solutions?

Architects have been appreciating the wide range of PVC and textile stretch coating materials for years, pointing out their key advantages.

Panteon Górnośląski

Upper Silesian Pantheon

© DPS Group


The PVC and textile membranes offered by DPS have a wide range of colors, shades and structures. Thanks to their lightness and flexibility, they make it possible to create surfaces of any shape, shade and in one of several selected structures: glossy, matte, satin or translucent. Ceilings and walls made of PVC film as well as textiles are perfectly smooth, but can take any form—flat or spatial. In addition, they can be printed with any graphics and illuminated, creating extremely attractive light arrangements.

Create a unique interior with DPS.

nadruk Trendero

Trendero overprint

© DPS Group


Modern light control systems combined with lighting solutions based on LED technology are changing our perspective on lighting. Thanks to the excellent properties of DPS stretch membranes, we can create completely personalized light arrangements—in a wide range of sizes, shapes, in any finish and with any type of light. DPS LIGHT includes large-format light panels, artistic decorations and light walls and ceilings. Each of our solutions is created to the customer's design, so it is fully customized to their needs and preferences.

Create a new form of light with DPS.

Wembley Changing Rooms

Wembley Changing Rooms

Photo: Tom Bird © DPS Group


In contemporary interior design, we often find smooth surfaces of concrete, glass or stone. Such materials undoubtedly harmonize with modern design, but at the same time cause unwanted reverberation and uncontrolled acoustic pollution. This is where DPS Fonosorber solutions come to the rescue, reducing reverberation while being visually appealing. The use of DPS acoustic products in the form of ceilings, walls or panels will allow you to create a unique arrangement of the room, and at the same time positively influence its acoustic comfort.

Create a comfortable room with DPS.

Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury

Nowa Huta Cultural Center

© DPS Group


DPS solutions are characterized by quick installation, durability without refreshing and resistance to dirt. The lightweight frame made of aluminum or PVC profiles does not weigh down the ceiling, and high-quality materials ensure their long life. DPS products come with a 10-year warranty and have all legally required building approvals. DPS solutions can be installed in private spaces as well as anywhere else where meticulous technical approvals are required (such as public buildings). A big advantage of DPS stretch membranes is their resistance to moisture and chlorine vapors, making them perfect for spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools.

Create a safe space with DPS.

Cristal Mountain Hotel, basen

Cristal Mountain Hotel, swimming pool

© DPS Group

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