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Muraspec - acoustic solutions for office spaces and a wide range of vinyls

25 of November '22

The trend of well-being in the workplace is not only about comfortable places to sit or write, it is also about acoustic comfort for staying and communicating in office spaces (minimizing reverberation, acoustic reflections, noise reduction).

Muraspec acoustic solutions

The most important areas for improving acoustic comfort are open-plan work spaces, conference rooms, lounge areas and interiors with lots of glass-filled, marble and polished concrete surfaces. The use of acoustic insulation in these spaces will help control echo and reverberation, lowering the overall noise level. For office interior designers, we recommend a wide selection of Muraspec materials and solutions tailored to the needs of the users, the type of space, the place of application, etc.

Ażurowe akustyczne panele Cascade w formie ścianek działowych

Cascade acoustic openwork panels in the form of partitions


For separating larger fragments of space, for example, it is worth using decorative panels such as Cascade™ in the form of partitions (fixed or movable). The attractive openwork form of the partition allows light and vision to penetrate, while leaving the impression of open space. Cascade polyester panels are lightweight, non-toxic and available in a range of attractive colors and patterns.

Akustyczna ściana z filcowych lameli z tłoczonym logo

Acoustic wall made of felt lamellas with embossed logo


For workplaces that focus on individual tasks, it is a good idea to provide visual and acoustic privacy for the employee by installing, for example, acoustic screens between desks (Vicinity™ Autex system).

Separate spaces (so-called "silence booths") where employees can make important phone calls in acoustically comfortable conditions are also a great solution.

Budka akustyczna – wyłożona i obłożona filcem

Acoustic booth - lined and covered with felt


For large offices, designed in an open plan, we recommend ceiling systems such as Frontier™ and Lattice, as well as other interesting solutions in the form of so-called razor blades or baffles. Each of Muraspec's acoustic solutions can be made to the customer's individual order, in a personalized shape and finish.

Zamszowa tapeta Murasuede w Rosa Private Golf Club w Konopiskach

Murasuede suede wallpaper at Rosa Private Golf Club in Konopiska


Muraspec vinyl wallpaper

Walls in contract facilities (offices, hotels, restaurants) are demanding planes, mainly due to the flow of users. Among the performance parameters of the cladding used here, the key ones are: durability, resistance, ease of cleaning, flame retardancy, safety of use (antibacterial coating Biomaster), etc.

Botaniczna tapeta w restauracji Szara Gęś w Krakowie (indywidualny wzór)

Botanical wallpaper in Szara Gęś restaurant in Kraków (custom design)


Muraspec vinyl wallpapers are designed and manufactured to perform these tasks in the best possible way. Including the decorative role, which is also crucial for commercial buildings. That's why, in addition to the stunning selection of patterns, decorations and surface textures of our wallpapers, we also offer the possibility of their individual creation by the user. We will make any pattern and desired color on the vinyl base to make the interior stand out.

For more information, visit the company's Muraspec Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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