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Nature on Muraspec wallpapers - timeless Ted baker designs

21 of May '22

The name of Muraspec's new wallpaper collection - BOTANICS - is the definition of the aesthetics, colors and atmosphere of the designs present in it. Ted Baker, the designer of the series, reached out to the most beautiful nooks and crannies of Nature, and the British manufacturer transferred these inspirations to vinyl bases with wonderful fabric textures. The wallpapers are already on the Polish market, and you can plan a place for them in your interiors.

Nine different designs, one timeless motif: Nature. The beauty, color and energy of nature are depicted by Ted Baker in the most literal way possible.

Tapeta Euphoria Muraspec, proj. Ted Baker

Euphoria wallpaper by Muraspec, designed by Ted Baker -.


The wallpaper features both cascades of flowers, floral garlands, floral vines and flowered meadows. The flowers are delicious in color, bloom profusely, and delight with the precision of aesthetic detail. Fabric textures, on which the wallpapers are printed, emphasize the finesse of the designs and add nobility to the coverings.

Botanics wallpapers, like all Muraspec vinyl claddings, are of the highest object-oriented quality. The term "object-quality" includes the sum of properties and advantages that make these very wallpapers best suited for places such as offices, hotels and restaurants.

Tapeta Forager Muraspec, proj. Ted Baker

Forager Muraspec wallpaper, designed by Ted Baker -.


These are, for example, high mechanical strength, UV resistance, washability and cleanability, flame retardancy, etc. Some of the Muraspec wallpapers also have an antibacterial Biomaster coating, to all of which can be added.

Floral patterns present in the Botanics collection can be divided into two categories: in the first there are expressive graphics of flowers and leaves, stunning in color and aesthetic flair. In wallpapers such as Tranquility, Splendour, Illusion and Forager, plants are vibrant, deliciously rich and blooming, and often captured in motion.

Tapeta Splendour Muraspec, proj. Ted Baker

Muraspec's Splendour wallpaper, designed by Ted Baker -.


The second category is delicate, airy and ethereal designs such as Serenity - a wallpaper decorated with freely arranged small flowers, served on exquisite color bases (cream, powder pink, blue gray, olive). The following wallpapers are in a similar mood: Unity (butterflies), Triumph (floral garlands), Magical (leaves dancing in the wind) and Euphoria, decorated with iris flowers.

Tapeta Serenity Muraspec, proj. Ted Baker

Serenity wallpaper by Muraspec, designed by Ted Baker -.


The subtlety and beauty of all wallpapers is emphasized by the depth of the pattern and the noble fabric texture, which - depending on the pattern - is matte or glossy.

BOTANICS wallpapers are already present on the Polish market, you can plan them in projects and delight in their patterns. Anyone who would like to see the new wallpapers "live" Muraspec invites you to its showroom in Blizne Łaszczyńskiego, at 40 Warszawska Street.

Tapeta Magical Muraspec, proj. Ted Baker

Magical Muraspec wallpaper, designed by Ted Baker -.


Without leaving home, the new designs and all Muraspec wallpapers can be viewed at

For more information, visit the company's Muraspec Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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