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New collection of wall panels from VOX

06 of December '21

VOX is an interiors brand that aims to provide comprehensive solutions to fit the lifestyles of homeowners. The VOX portfolio includes furniture, doors, floor and wall systems, decorative items and elevations.

Freedom to create

All our products are created in multidisciplinary teams, composed of designers, technologists, sociologists or psychologists based on consumer research. Thanks to this, our collections are aimed at both individual customers and professionals - architects and designers. The VOX brand is based on values, and the key one is freedom of creation. We provide it to consumers in more than 60 countries: from Mexico, France, the UK, Russia to India and Morocco. VOX is also a network of interior showrooms and an e-commerce platform.

Nowa kolekcja paneli ściennych od VOX

New collection of wall panels from VOX


Kerradeco decorative panels

Kerradeco decorative panels are a product that has been on the market for many years. This solution, original on a national and European scale, is based on unique technology, as well as design developed by Polish designers. The Kerracore technology used during production, which was developed by VOX technologists, results in a modern, safe and durable polymer composite. It is produced from recycled materials. Kerradeco increases the sound insulation of rooms and makes walls resistant to moisture, impact and UV rays. A distinctive feature of all collections is the realistic texture matching the decor. There are 6 collections and 38 decors. Kerradeco decorative panels are made in Poland.

Panele dekoracyjne Kerradeco, Confetti Balloons

Kerradeco decorative panels, Confetti Balloons


Linerio lamella panels

The main advantage of Linerio lamellas is the effect of your dimensional space. Thanks to it, the walls become the protagonist of the interior. The three available lines differ in the width and depth of the tiers. This allows you to achieve the interior effects of your choice in the space. Linerio lamella panels are also appreciated for their ability to visually delineate zones in rooms. An additional advantage of the panels is the modern material, which makes them lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture. They come in 8 variants inspired by the texture and color of wood.

Panele lamelowe Linerio, M-Line

Linerio lamella panels, M-Line


Soform upholstered panels

We spend a lot of time in apartments and houses, so it is worth betting on elements that add coziness to the interior. Soform soft upholstered panels, which can be hung on the wall in any room, are perfect for this. Thanks to them, we will achieve selected interior effects and solve many usability problems. In the children's room they will protect the little ones from bumps. In the bedroom, they can be used as a unique headrest for the bed. The advantage of upholstered panels is the possibility of personalization. There are 9 high-quality fabrics available in 12 colors, so we can choose them according to our tastes.

Panele tapicerowane Soform, Oval 1

Soform upholstered panels, Oval 1


For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdA portal.

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