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Lighting in your interiors. Pendant, floor or dresser lamp?

20 of February '23

Light is a way to give interiors a unique character that will change with the day. Properly selected lighting will help create a cozy atmosphere throughout the house, affect our mood, and at the same time perform its primary function.

Light has a considerable impact on us. Too harsh and glaring can even lead to headaches. While directed with a strong stream on the desk, the surface of a table top or a book, it will focus attention. On theother hand, dimmed, scattered in several points builds mood and promotes a sense of comfort and security," says Malgorzata Bernady, Head of Visual Concept Team at VOX.

Short days, long nights

Some prefer fully illuminated interiors, others opt for atmospheric twilight. It all depends on the mood, need or situation. If we like rooms bright at any time of day or night, let's bet on hanging lamps that will illuminate the entire space. With their light we will be better able to clean, cook or play with children. And when we want to illuminate individual zones, such as in the living room or by the bed, let's choose dresser lamps or floor lamps with a smaller range.

Illuminating a room with several points of light gives you a wide range in building a mood and a cozy atmosphere. It is important to hang lamps above tables and tables at a height that will minimize glaring. Care should also be taken to illuminate each used corner of the space where we spend time, so as not to create dark zones or, in turn, cause the need to light the overhead lamp," advises Margaret Bernady.

Lampa wisząca Amos

Amos pendant lamp


Lampa podłogowa Enjoy

Enjoy floor lamp


Climate painted with light

A collection of favorite books, a set of porcelain or photo frames - led lighting built into the bookcase will help to display them in an impressive way. This way, even after dark, we will be able to admire the objects precious to us. This is also a way to build a unique atmosphere when we relax with a good movie or book after a long day. There are many more options for using LEDs in furniture. Lighting strips are increasingly being installed in bedside tables and even in beds, which will certainly make preparing for sleep easier.

Witryna Spot Young z ledowym oświetleniem

Spot Young display cabinet with LED lighting


Stolik nocny Simple z dyskretnym podświetleniem

Simple bedside table with discreet backlighting


If we are looking for solutions that will add coziness to our arrangement, let's pay attention to the choice of materials: light bulbs with a dimming function, fabric, linen or openwork rattan lampshades in warm, natural colors, wooden details and rounded shapes. All this promotes coziness and is associated with relaxation," advises Margaret Bernady.

In winter, when most of the day is shrouded in darkness, the role of light is invaluable. In summer, on the other hand, we like to use it to build the climate. Warm evenings under a cloud are encouraged by solar solutions. Lamps resembling lanterns set up on the balcony, terrace or in the garden will create a unique holiday atmosphere.

Lampa Solar duża

Solar lamp large


A teenager's room cannot lack a desk lamp, conducive to studying, reading or playing on the computer, but it is also worth betting on lighting that will give character to the entire space. LED neon mounted on the wall will be an ingenious addition. The flexible strip with RGB LEDs can be arranged in any pattern and then illuminated with a variety of colors depending on your mood. Such an addition will add character to the arrangement and arouse the interest of our kid's friends.

Neon Led Twinky Flex

Neon Led Twinky Flex


For work, study, reading

Many of us have happened to work or study late. In such situations, lamps play an incredibly important role. Not only do they illuminate textbooks, notes or projects, but they also influence our concentration. A high level of light intensity promotes concentration. Let's pay attention to this when decorating our home office or student's room.

Lampka biurkowa Ester

Ester desk lamp


Kinkiet Job

Wall lamp Job


The VOX brand makes sure that everyone can choose the optimal lighting and accessories for themselves and their home. Hanging lamps, floor lamps, dresser lamps, lanterns or candles, with which we will create a unique atmosphere in our interiors, can be found in VOX stores and on

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