A house bathed in mineral colors. In such decorated interiors spring guests throughout the year

16 of May '23

Spring brings us sunshine, colors and smells that we long for all winter. They put us in a better mood, give us a sense of security and motivate us to act. If we wish to feel this special climate a little longer, let's create it in our home. Just a few changes are enough to bring a breath of spring freshness to our interiors.

Colorful worlds

To achieve the effect of eternal spring in our interiors, it is worth "dressing" them in eye-pleasing and soothing to the senses colors from the palette of the earth. In this way we will create a cozy space in which we will spend time more pleasantly.

-The introduction of earth colors into modern interiors is strongly associated with the trend of wellbeing and designing in the spirit of security. Such a palette is associated, first of all, very naturally, does not introduce contrasts, coexists organically with light and daylight and artificial light, and is associated with safety, softness, coziness. It also combines perfectly with wood in all shades," advises Margaret Bernady, Head of Visual Concept at VOX.

Regał Balance

Balance bookcase


Furniture from the Balance collection offers us striking shades: cava/beige, gray-beige, terracotta and powder pink, which give us even more freedom in creating original arrangements and combining with other furnishings.

Opt for balance

We can feel true harmony and peace when everything around us is in its place - or, on the contrary, we function best in the midst of creative chaos. Balance furniture will help create both a calming, creative or orderly space. It is a system designed by Joanna Leciejewska and Wiktoria Lenart, whose appearance and functions depend only on our imagination.

Regał Balance

Balance bookcase


Balance furniture can be arranged like blocks, without the need for tools. The innovative assembly system allows us to connect platforms, boxes and special anti-slip elements together. Just put the individual modules on top of each other without using screws or bolts. In this way we will create the bookcase, desk or dresser of our dreams. And if we feel the desire to change or other needs arise, we can build a completely new piece of furniture from the modules. Balance can be repeatedly rearranged and rebuilt to make a bookcase into a RTV cabinet or a bench for the hallway.

Komoda i ławka do przedpokoju Balance

Balance chest of drawers and hall bench


The power of accessories

Spring loves lightness and mineral hues of the earth, with which we can brighten our world and that of our household members. Accents of color are most easily introduced into interiors with decorative items. The accessories will not only complement the arrangement beautifully, but will also fulfill a specific function in it.

Wazon Qos III

Qos III vase


Lightweight bedspreads and cotton pillowcases will bring a spirit of subtlety to the living room or bedroom, replacing heavy winter fabrics. Uniqueness and character will be added by introducing elements of contrasting graphite into bright interiors in the form of vases holding bouquets of tulips or lilac sprigs, which will fill our interiors with their fragrance. Black covers, on the other hand, will expose the soothing greenery of potted plants.

Kosz okrągły Up High Cooper Blush, kosz duży Weni Copper Blush

Up High Cooper Blush round basket, Weni Copper Blush large basket


Let's also opt for accessories made of natural materials, such as the Bragi tray, which was created from seagrass. Available in two diameters, it has handy handles, making it much easier to carry cold drinks and snacks into the garden. When not in use, it will in turn serve as a decoration for the kitchen. In the cozy brightness of our spaces we can weave a lamp in a shade of black or graphite, giving clarity and brightness to calming dinners and gatherings with loved ones.

Taca duża Bragi

Bragi large tray


We can add color to every daily activity. Stoneware tableware from the Feri and Rimme collections will emphasize the character of the first breakfasts eaten on the balcony or meetings in the garden.

Talerze małe i duże Feri i Rimme

Feri and Rimme small and large plates


Everyday life seems more beautiful in mineral colors, so it is worth adding a touch of powder pink, sandy beige or energetic terracotta. Balance furniture and decorative items in the spring color palette can be discovered in VOX stores and on vox.pl.

For more information, visit VOX 's PdD website.

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