Spa on the terrace or in the garden

Our dream is to ensure your well-being

The well-being you share with your loved ones whenever you want it, summer or winter, day or night. A well-being that you can experience directly in your home, in the room of your choice, on the terrace or directly in the garden. A well-being with a surprising design with exclusive finishes and accessories that will blend perfectly into your space. A dream that comes true through the Divina OUTDOOR SPA Collection.

Divina XL

Divina XL


A spa of suitable dimensions, allowing you to share moments of comfort and well-being with family and friends, together with 6 people. The tub has two interior levels, with two chaise lounges and four comfortable opposite seats. Each seat is equipped with different types of hydromassages for a variety of hydrotherapeutic treatments to ensure wellness at the highest level.

Divina L SPA

Divina L SPA


Hydromassage technology allows you to enjoy different modes. It effectively relaxes the lumbar and back area, buttocks and thighs, calves and feet. Hydromassage helps reactivate blood circulation, relax all body muscles, promoting overall psychophysical well-being.

An ideal spa for the home or garden that comfortably accommodates 3 people. A bathtub with two internal depth levels, with one chaise lounge and 2 comfortable opposite seats. Various whirlpool accessories on each seat will enable comfort and well-being without compromise. Moments of total relaxation complemented by the Cromolight system and Bluetooth audio system with pull-out internal and external speakers.

Divina M SPA

Divina M SPA


Theheat shield is an indispensable accessory for any whirlpool tub, it is foldable and made of materials suitable for outdoor use. It insulates the whirlpool tub, keeping the set water temperature constant, reducing electricity consumption and ensuring the purity of the water inside. In particularly cold and harsh climates, a PLUS version with increased insulation is available.

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