How to trim the hedge in autumn?

29 of August '23
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  1. The end of summer is the time to trim your hedge.
  2. Before pruning, mark the shape you want to achieve.
  3. Use only well-sharpened tools.
  4. Remember to water the hedge regularly.
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After a vacation full of sunshine, it's time to prepare the garden for the coming autumn. One of the jobs to be done is trimming the hedge. How to do it properly?

How to trim the hedge?

The end of the summer  is a particularly favorable time to take care of the hedge. This gives the plants time to regenerate before the cooler days come. Start by removing dead, withered or diseased branches. This will improve the overall condition of the hedge and reduce the risk of spreading disease. Trim the branches to give the hedge the desired shape. It is best to trim the branches slightly higher than where you want the new shoots to grow. Remember that hedges often look better when they are a little narrower at the top than at the base. By doing so, you also provide the plant with access to light. If you want to limit the hedge's growth, trim the branches by about 1/3 of their length. This will help keep the growth under control. However, make sure you don't trim too many branches at once, as this can weaken the plants and make it harder for them to survive the winter.

Wrzesień to idealny moment na przycięcie żywopłotu

September is the perfect time to trim a hedge


The right tools

The ideal hedge trimmer is the key to efficiency. Pay attention to ergonomics, balance and sharp, anti-corrosive blades. Before pruning, set precise boundaries for the intended shape. This is a small trick that will avoid over-cutting and guarantee an even result. Use only sharp tools to ensure a clean cut. Unsharpened equipment can damage branches, increasing the risk of infection. For more efficient hedge trimming, specialized shears will work well. For small gardens, check out battery-powered equipment.

Używaj wyłącznie ostrych narzędzi

Use only sharp tools

Photo by YuliiaKa © Freepik

Care after pruning

Make sure to collect and remove all clipped branches and leaves. This will help avoid the spread of pests and diseases. Immediately after pruning and for a few weeks afterwards, the hedge may need additional watering. Make sure the soil around the roots is sufficiently moist to help the plants recover. Also consider fertilizing the hedge to give it the nutrients it needs. Regularly remove weeds around the hedge and watch the plants to make sure there are no signs of disease or pests. Regular inspection allows you to react quickly to any problems.

Pamiętaj o pielęgnowaniu żywopłotu po przycinaniu

Remember to care for your hedge after pruning

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