What work needs to be done in the garden as summer comes to an end?

31 of August '22

The end of August and beginning of September is a time that combines two seasons: late summer and early autumn. Sometimes, despite the fact that the days are sunny and hot, at night the temperatures drop significantly. So it is worth taking advantage of this time to perfectly prepare the garden for autumn.

Koniec lata to moment zabezpieczenia ogrodu na zimę

The end of summer is the moment to secure the garden for winter

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Pruning plants

September is the last time shrubs and trees should be pruned. It is best to do it in the first half of the month so that the tissues of the trees have time to woody. The hedge should be pruned twice a year: in spring and at the end of summer. This will give it the right shape and make it dense. In September, you can trim evergreen deciduous hed ges and those made of coniferous shrubs, as well as honeysuckle and barberry. It is best to shorten the branches of the hedge by a third of their length. It's also a good time to take care of the walnut tree, which is prone to secrete sap heavily in the spring. You can use pruning shears, clippers or a saw to do this. Remember to work only with well-sharpened garden tools. Dull ones can damage the twigs and contribute to the development of various diseases. You can also further protect your plants with a special antibiotic. It is necessary to lubricate the pruned shoots with it. The specific will minimize the negative effects of pruning and protect the plants from pests.

Jesień to czas zbioru warzyw i owoców

Autumn is the time for harvesting vegetables and fruits

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Lawn care

Although summer is coming to an end, it is still necessary to take care of the lawn. First of all, it is necessary to mow it regularly. You also need to constantly remove any weeds growing on it. This is also a good time to carry out scarification, a procedure that involves vertically incising the turf with metal blades. It allows the removal of the so-called " felt," which is the tangled parts of dead plants, as well as moss, leaf debris and sticks. Scarifying also ensures that the lawn will have better access to sunlight, air and water. Finally, the lawn can be fertilized with a fertilizer with a low nitrogen content. This rule applies to fertilizing any other plants as well.

Koniec lata to dobry moment na posadzenie jesiennych odmian roślin

The end of summer is a good time to plant autumn varieties of plants

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Replacing plants

The end of summer is the time to slowly plan to secure your garden for winter. Plants sensitive to low temperatures should be moved indoors. Annual or biennial plants that have already flowered should also be removed. However, we can collect seeds before removing them. Then we can plant them again in the spring. You also need to remember to regularly clean perennials from dried inflorescences. Plant material from harvested beds, grass clippings, leaves and shredded, cut stems of shrubs should be mixed and go to compost. Remember, however, that absolutely no weeds with seeds or diseased plants can go there. This is also a good time to plant perennials and bulbs such as lilac, tulip, hyacinth, crocus, snowdrop or narcissus. Proper planning of this part of the garden will bear fruit for us in the spring. Instead of summer flowers, however, we can plant their autumn varieties. Heather will be ideal. However, it is worth remembering that the condition for their proper development is an acidic substrate.

Wrzosy są idealnym wyborem do jesiennego ogrodu

Heather is an ideal choice for the autumn garden

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Housekeeping work

Garden furniture can still serve us in warmer autumn days. It is worth thinking about storing them only when the temperatures drop significantly. However, this is a good time to paint furniture made of wood with a suitable protective agent. It is also worth thinking about the wild visitors to our garden. Birds, squirrels and hedgehogs will appreciate, laid out food suitable for them. However, let's remember to place the feeders in secluded places where predators won't get to them. This is also the time for harvesting fruits and vegetables. No others taste as much as those from our own trees and beds. We can also create delicious preserves from some of them.

Pamiętajmy o zamontowaniu karmnika dla dzikich zwierząt

Let's remember to install a wildlife feeder

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