A house that brings nature inside

18 of March '24
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  1. The house is located in Warmia.
  2. The building has 75 m2.
  3. The project was created by architect Marta Szlachta.
  4. The house has large glazing transferring nature to the interior.
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Marta Szlachta 's design combines the harmony of a rural landscape with modern design.

Nad strefą dzienną znajduje się antresola

There is a mezzanine above the living area

© Marta Szlachta Design Studio

Clever layout

The 75 m² building is located in the picturesque area of the village of Cerkiewnik in Warmia. The one-story house features three bedrooms, a bathroom with a utility room and a living space with a mezzanine. The focal point of the interior is the living room with kitchen. The living area opens to the garden, thus connecting to the outdoor leisure space. The rooms of the private zone have been placed on both sides, so as to provide privacy and comfort to the residents.

Budynek znajduje się w otoczeniu malowniczej przyrody

The building is surrounded by picturesque nature

© Pracownia Projektowa Marta Szlachta

Surrounded by nature

The house is distinguished by large glazings. Marta Szlachta placed them on both sides of the central part of the building. This solution allows greenery to permeate the interior. As a result, residents can enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving home. In addition, the interior looks light and spacious.

Duże przeszklenia umożliwiają podziwianie natury

Large glazings allow admiring nature

© Pracownia Projektowa Marta Szlachta

Harmonious combination

When designing the house, the architect decided on a simple body with proportions that match the surroundings. The building was designed with ecology and efficient use of energy in mind. The frame structure and the use of natural materials make the building environmentally friendly. In addition, the facades and soffit recesses have been clad with planks of natural color, further emphasizing harmony with the surrounding nature.

Architektka użyła naturalnych materiałów

The architect used natural materials

© Pracownia Projektowa Marta Szlachta

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