Colorful accents and a tennis table. House designed for a family of 6

07 of June '24
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  1. The house is located in Stara Kuźnia near Opole.
  2. The interior design for a family of 6 was created by the Fabryk-Art studio.
  3. The house has a total of 14 rooms.
  4. The living room includes a tennis table.
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The owners of the house in Stara Kuźnia near Opole wanted the interior to be cozy and colorful. They stayed far from the traditional approach and the usual patterns. Their dream was fulfilled by the Fabryk-Art studio.

W domu znajduje się także sauna Inwestorzy chcieli, aby w aranżacji pojawiły się odważne kolory

The investors wanted bold colors to be a part of the arrangement

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm


The investors wanted the interior to be cozy and comfortable to live in, but most importantly tailored to the specific needs of all residents. Each of the six family members has a different temperament and expectations for their own space. The house has a total of 14 rooms: a vestibule, a hallway, a bathroom on the ground floor, a large bathroom with a sauna on the first floor, 3 children's rooms, a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, a staircase and a hallway on the first floor, a parent's bedroom, a dressing room and a TV room.

- Each of the kids develops different passions — there had to be room for a piano, a harp and a large dog bed. Throughout the house there were to be as few round shapes as possible. The bed and the mattress in the master bedroom were custom made due to the non-standard dimensions. The dining room table was supossed to be large so that, family can play board games comfortably. The family closet accommodates a washer, dryer and steam iron board. Everyone was very specific about their needs, which definitely helped us in the design process — says Agata Ferenc from Fabryk-Art.

Łóżko i materac zostały wykonane na zamówienie

The bed and mattress were made to order

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm

The designers made some key changes to the layout.

- According to the original design, there is a door leading to the living room. We enlarged it quite a lot. We used a sliding door with glazed wings in a wooden frame, which separates noises and smells coming from the kitchen. Originally, the staircase to the first floor was closed and dark. Here, too, we changed and opened the staircase to the living room. Thanks to this procedure, the living room gained an additional entrance from the hallway and more light flowed into it from the upstairs window. The composition of the steps, vertical balustrade and horizontal surface-mounted fixtures became a kind of decoration — the designer adds.

Architekci wprowadzili zmiany w układzie

The architects made changes to the layout

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm

Functionality and aesthetics

The arrangement includes a lot of stone, natural wood, for example, in the form of veneered wall coverings and (at the owner's request) large-format wallpapers. The colors of the floors and walls create a delicate background for bolder accessories. The yellow fireplace draws attention. Cobalt lamps suspended over the island and table add an interesting accent. The house is also inhabited by two large dogs. In addition, the building is located in the countryside, surrounded by fields. For these reasons, the architects decided to finish the floor on the ground level with wood-like vinyl. On the first floor, however, they used thick carpeting. The architectural lighting throughout the house has a very similar form, which creates consistency in the interior.

- In addition to colorful accents, there are graphic black elements that create linear compositions. We used strip surface-mounted luminaires, which blend well with the rest of the furnishings, such as the metal structure in the kitchen island, the stair railing, furniture handles, fixtures and plinths. Another important aspect was the quality of the led lighting, the warm color, the power and the angle of illumination — says the designer.

Nad wyspą zawisły kobaltowe lampy Czarne elementy tworzą linearne kompozycje

Black elements create linear compositions

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm

Family space

The most important place is the kitchen with the dining room, or more precisely, the large table located there. Here family eats meals together, talks and spends time playing board games.

- In this house, family life takes place mainly in the kitchen. The parents wanted to be able to cook together and help their four children with homework. To ensure that everyone found a convenient space for themselves, we placed seats in different places and at different heights. An upholstered bench under the window, which was the owner's dream, makes it possible to comfortably unpack groceries, and for the youngest to reach the countertop, peeping at and possibly helping with family cooking — says Agata Ferenc.

Inwestorka chciała, aby w kuchni znalazła się tapicerowana ławka

The investor wanted to have an upholstered bench in the kitchen

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm

A place to be together

The living room is used for family gatherings and relaxing by the fireplace. There is no television here. Instead, there is a tennis table next to the sofa. This intriguing design element is an ideal choice for a family that loves sports and spending time playing games together.

- When designing this interior, we paid attention to how the residents would use it. We decided that regardless of the type of the room, we would use surface-mounted and recessed lamps in the ceilings as well as sconces and pendant fixtures above the sinks in the bathrooms. Each of them has a warm light (3000K), which is most similar to the natural light during the summer time. We only varied the size/length of the fixtures and thus the amount of light — she adds.

Do salonu prowadzą przesuwne drzwi z przeszklonymi skrzydłami w drewnianej ramie

The living room is accessed through a sliding door with glazed wings in a wooden frame

Photo: Mikołaj Dąbrowski © AQForm

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