RAINEO rainwater management system

Harness the potential of rainwater

Raineo® system by PIPELIFE POLSKA S.A. is a comprehensive rainwater management system. It consists of 5 different solutions that can be customized as well as configured accordingly. Raineo® works on different levels. On the surface, the solution makes it possible to effectively collect water from the roofs of buildings, parking lots and other development elements.
Just below the surface, the system treats the collected water with filters or separators. Subsequently, slightly lower underground, the transport and redirection of collected rainwater takes place. Raineo® is also a water management system. It can be stored for later use or redirected and infiltrated into the ground elsewhere.

Raineo – kompletny
system zarządzania wodą deszczową

Raineo - a complete rainwater management system


Rainwater management system - a way to deal with downpours and... drought!

The complete system for rainwater Raineo® is installed underground. It is invisible and extremely effective. The collected rainwater, which is then transported, treated and stored, can be used at any time, and it will be especially useful in times of drought!

The system allows you to collect rainwater and then use it, for example, for sanitary purposes, as well as irrigation," says Krzysztof Jedowski of Pipelife. - The solution will work well on properties with single-family and multi-family houses, as well as at workplaces and offices, near parking lots, traffic zones, and even in the vicinity of urban green areas.

Zestaw pomiarowy Smart Raineo

Smart Raineo measuring kit


Proven and reliable

The system uses a number of proven solutions. For efficient water collection, rain gullies are installed to control the outflow of rainwater, and a linear drainage system, or drainage channel, is used to efficiently drain water in parking lots, driveways and even roads. The collected water is transported through the drainage system, which uses special heavy-duty pipes, fittings and manholes.

For proper treatment of the collected water, sand and hydrocarbon separators and appropriate filters are used. Stormbox and Stormbox II systems are responsible for the inflitration and/or retention of rainwater, ensuring environmentally friendly management of rainwater. Emergency overflows are designed to protect against overflows in the reservoirs.

For full safety and efficiency of the Raineo® rainwater management system, you can use a special measuring set SMART RAINEO. This is an advanced monitoring system that controls, among other things, the level of water in the infiltration or retention tank and warns of possible overflow.

System skrzynek Stormbox
i Stormbox II

Stormbox and Stormbox II system


Price matched to capabilities

Solutions that use rainwater should be tailored to the needs, explains Krzysztof Jedowski. - We are usually dealing with different conditions, locations, customer requirements, as well as areas where the rainwater management system would work. That's why we offer a modular system solution that allows for flexible design, and thus will easily answer any requirement. Raineo® allows rainwater to be collected, filtered and treated, infiltrated or detained and reused or discharged. The investor has the choice of using one system or all of them, so the price of a rainwater management system can also be flexible at this point and adjusted to what specifically will be ordered. It's a bit like LEGO bricks, we use the ones we need. Raineo® Pipelife saves money and hassle. Importantly, it is ideal for installation at any stage - before construction, during construction, or even as an addition to a completed existing facility.

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