Save water and money. More than 50% of your daily requirement doesn't have to be drinking water!

Save water and money. More than 50% of your daily requirement doesn't have to be drinking water!

In a standard household, almost 35% of the daily water demand is used solely for flushing toilets. In the case of office, service or hotel buildings, this figure can exceed as much as 50%, and this is just one of the ways rainwater can be used inside the building. An additional 10-15% is for irrigation of green areas. This is a quantifiable gain for the environment and our budget.

Nawadnianie Wilo

Wilo irrigation


Operation of the Wilo rainwater control panel

Wilo-RAIN1 rainwater control units allow you to use rainwater to power toilet cisterns, washing machines or garden sprinklers on a continuous basis even during periods without rain.
Thanks to the automatic supply of fresh tap water, the intake points are continuously supplied even when the rainwater tank is periodically empty.
The units, thanks to the air gap, are the safest and only hygienic form of connecting rainwater systems with drinking water.

By using a Wilo-RAIN rainwater control unit:

  • you reduce your tap water bills
  • you reduce your waste disposal bills, in municipalities where rates are calculated based on water consumption
  • you have continuity of water supply thanks to automatic connection to tap water
  • you take care of the environment.

Centrala deszczowa

Wilo-RAIN1 rainwater control unit


Rainwater is soft water with a low mineral content, so no limescale is deposited and no stains form. It is ideal for:

  • watering the garden
  • washing windows
  • use as household water
  • for agricultural purposes
  • for flushing toilets.

Thus, it is ideal for any new home.

For more information, visit the company's WILO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on thePdD portal.

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