Bathroom arrangements inspired by eclecticism

17 of June '24
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  1. The project was created by Barbara Steciak from the VIVA DESIGN studio.
  2. Two bathrooms are part of the 130-square-meter apartment.
  3. The arrangements were inspired by eclecticism.
  4. A wallpaper with a coral reef motif was used in the smaller bathroom.
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The arrangements were inspired by eclecticism. The owner of the apartment loves intense colors. Barbara Steciak from VIVA DESIGN studio reflected the investor's character by colorful contrasts.

Between France and an exotic beach

The two bathrooms look extremely different in terms of arrangement and style. In the first one, the architect juxtaposed the investor's two favorite colors — fuchsia pink and muted green. However, this is not the end of experiments. We can also find here a lot of diffrent textures and patterns.

- I suggested to „allow” more expression in one room. And with the consent of the investor — I chose a smaller bathroom — recalls Barbara Steciak.

W mniejszej łazience architektka zestawiła fuksjowy róż i zgaszoną zieleń

In the smaller bathroom, the architect juxtaposed fuchsia pink and muted green

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow

Baroque stucco is interspersed with tiles inspired by the French townhouses look. One of the walls got decorated with a coral reef motif wallpaper, which introduces a bit of exotic character to the interior. The use of large mirrors optically enlarges the small room. In addition, they create an interesting effect, reflecting the various elements of the arrangement.

- In fact, the idea for this bathroom was born from the Foscarini Big Bang red lamp. I thought, why not reverse the color scheme and put a white lamp on a contrasting background — describes the architect.

Architektka zastosowała tapetę z motywem rafy koralowej Lustra optycznie powiększają przestrzeń

Mirrors optically enlarge the space

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow

Ginger and green

The second bathroom is a bit more subdued. Here you will also find a delicate green. This time, however, it was juxtaposed with a reddish shade of orange. We can see this interesting combination on the wall with the sink. Large decorative tiles provide a soothing background for the cabinet and lamp in intense color. Additional contrasts are introduced by the black countertop and fittings, as well as the white electrical fixtures.

Zielone kafelki tworzą łagodne tło dla pomarańczowego wyposażenia

Green tiles create a soft background for the orange fixtures

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow

The rest of the walls and the floor are a shade of soft beige. Green tiles were used again on the wall with the bathtub. With this thoughtful use of decorative tiles, the hygienic areas are visually distinguished. An interesting accent is the table next to the bathtub. Its slightly transparent, yet colorful form is one of the biggest trends of this year's Salone del Mobile, which we wrote about in our article. Also worth noting is the ceiling, which consistently continues the concept of contrasting juxtapositions. Sea green surface was „enclosed” with black slats like a framed painting.

Zielony sufit został obramowany czarnymi listwami

The green ceiling was framed with black slats

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow

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