Loft bedroom in the attic

21 of May '24
w skrócie
  1. The project was created by architect Sandra Białkowska of the Good Layout studio.
  2. The bedroom is part of a two-story apartment.
  3. The space under the slant was used to create a practical countertop.
  4. The upholstered bed headrest comes in the form of two large pillows.
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Sandra Białkowska from the Dobry Układ studio designed a bedroom located in the attic. The interior was decorated in soft loft style.

Sypialnia znajduje się na poddaszu. Architektka zastosowała więc grube ciemne zasłony, które chronią przed ostrym światłem

Architect used thick dark curtains that block the light

Photo by Tomasz Wachowiec © Vasco

Cozy loft

The investors wanted the interior to be loft-like, but at the same time warm and elegant. Architect opted for a soft loft style — a cozier version of arrangments inspired by industrial spaces. White walls optically enlarge the small bedroom and add lightness, while the black framing on the ceiling introduces an interesting contrast and variety to the subdued space. The classic juxtaposition of white and black adds elegance and does not overwhelm the space, while raw materials and post-industrial design elements create a strong design base. The austere interiors gained gentleness through the use of velour fabrics, dark wood and rounded accessories inspired by nature.

Klasyczna kolorystyka nadaje wnętrzu elegancji

Classic colors make the interior look elegant

Photo by Tomasz Wachowiec © Vasco

Overcoming the inconveniences

The focal point of the bedroom is a wall with a slant. Part of it has been covered with a dark wood panel, which then turns into a practical tabletop. This is a great space for displaying mementos, decorations and other trinkets. This area is further highlighted by a modern lamp in the form of a circle. This is an interesting solution for the difficult to arrange space under the slant. Another clever trick is the use of only white doors, both the front door and those leading to other rooms. Thanks to this they blend with the wall and do not overwhelm the small room. Thick black curtains add to the coziness and effectively protect from the harsh sun that streams into the attic room.

Architektka sprytnie wykorzystała ścianę ze skosem tworząc praktyczny blat

The architect cleverly used the wall with a slant to create a practical countertop

Photo by Tomasz Wachowiec © Vasco

A personal touch

The bed has an upholstered headrest that looks like two large pillows. Its cognac color adds warmth and sophistication to the space. On either side of the furniture, there are simple bedside tables. On one of them stands a minimalist decoration - a vase with dried flowers. Meanwhile, on another we can find a figurine of the apartment's third resident. The image of the bulldog Asti appears throughout the interior also on funny posters or home textiles.

Obok łóżka znajdziemy figurkę buldoga Astiego

Next to the bed we can find the figurine of the bulldog Asti

Photo by Tomasz Wachowiec © Vasco

Harmonious contrasts

The wall behind the bed was divided into two parts. The first one is covered with white slats. The second, graphite, is decorated with a  concrete structure. This contrast was further emphasized by subtle lighting placed at the junction of the two finishes. The arrangement was complemented with lighting inspired by the post-industrial style. Lamps made of smoky glass are distinguished by visible wire. A large painting hangs right next to it. The minimalist black-and-white artwork fits perfectly into the whole decor and does not dominate the room despite its impressive size. A wooden floor completes the whole. It was made of the same material as the wall panel and tabletop, so it ties the interior together and gives it a harmonious character.

Ściana za łóżkiem została podzielona na dwie kontrastowe części

The wall behind the bed was divided into two contrasting parts

Photo by Tomasz Wachowiec © Vasco

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