In good light. How to choose a lamp?

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  1. To choose the best lamps, determine the purpose of the room where the lighting will be placed, choose the color temperature, intensity, efficiency and type of lighting, and match it with other design elements.
  2. LED, compact fluorescent, adjustable, solar-bulb and smart lighting are among the most economical choices. Motion and lighting sensors also help reduce energy consumption.
  3. Among the most fashionable types of lighting today are minimalist, modern, industrial and vintage style lamps, as well as those inspired by nature and smart.
  4. Lighting with a color temperature close to the natural sunlight found at midday, or about 5000-6500 K, is considered the healthiest.
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Lamps not only illuminate a room, but are also a key element of the interior design and the atmosphere we want to create. When choosing lighting, we need to consider not only its practical use, but also style, visual effects and environmental aspects. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the topic of choosing lighting, discussing the various types of lighting available on the market, the factors that influence your choice, and the most important lighting trends that will help you create the perfect interior. Let's discover how to choose lighting that meets both your functional and aesthetic needs while creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Odpowiednie oświetlenie kształtuje nastrój wnętrza

The right lighting shapes the mood of an interior


Choosing a lamp

Where to buy a lamp?

Proven lighting manufacturers have a long history in the industry and have earned the trust of customers by providing quality products. One such company is EPIC LIGHT. Also worth noting are the offerings of LYSNE, Zaho and NOWODVORSKI LIGHTING. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for Home portal under the keyword "lamp".

How to choose the best lighting?

Here are some steps to help you choose a good lamp:

Purpose of the room

Think about what purposes you will use the room for. Will it be a space for work, relaxation, or perhaps a place for socializing?

Types of lighting

It's a good idea to combine different types of lamps to create lighting scenes. There are three main types of lighting:

  • General lighting: Provides even illumination of a room. This can be a central ceiling lamp or built-in light sources.

  • Task-specific lighting: Targets specific areas where good lighting is needed for reading, cooking, desk work, etc. It can be a desk lamp, under-cabinet spotlight, wall lamp or floor lamp.

  • Decorative lighting: Used to highlight design elements, create mood and atmosphere in a room. These can include wall sconces, table lamps and decorative candles.

Intensity and color temperature

Adjust the brightness of the lighting according to the specific activity. Use bright lighting in your work or reading area, while choose subdued and soft lighting when relaxing. Typically, 2700-3000 K is a warm, cozy light, 3500-4500 K is a neutral white light, and 5000-6500 K is a white light similar in color to natural sunlight.

Energy efficiency

Modern light sources, such as  LEDs, are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Try to choose lighting with high energy efficiency.

Combine lighting with decor elements

Lighting can also be the decoration of a room. Choose lamps that match the style of the decor and add character to the interior.

Aby dobrać najlepsze lampy, określ, jaki jest cel pomieszczenia, w którym znajdzie się oświetlenie, wybierz temperaturę barwową, intensywność, wydajność i rodzaj oświetlenia oraz dopasuj je do innych elementów wystroju.

To select the best lamps, determine the purpose of the room where the lighting will be placed, choose the color temperature, intensity, efficiency and type of lighting, and match it with other decor elements.

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What kind of lighting is the healthiest?

Lighting with a color temperature close to the natural sunlight found at midday, or about 5000-6500 K, is considered the healthiest. This is known as white light. It is also important that indoor lighting reflect the natural diurnal cycle. During the day, the light should be brighter and bluer to stimulate our body to be awake and active. In the evening, on the other hand, it is advisable to use softer lighting to prepare the body for sleep. Of course, the best source of light is natural light. If you have the opportunity, try to take advantage of natural lighting during the day by opening windows and bringing sunlight into the room.

What kind of lighting is trending in 2023?

Minimalist and modern

In recent years, simple, minimalist forms of lighting have been popular, which suit modern and Scandinavian interiors. Clean lines, geometric shapes and neutral colors dominate this style.


An industrial lamp or exposed light bulb are characteristic elements of this trend. Metal, raw finishes and references to industrial rooms will create a loft-style interior.


Lamps of retro design, referring to the 50s, 60s or 70s, have returned to favor. Mid-century style chandeliers, pendant lamps in the form of balls and those with colorful shades are also popular.

Inspired by nature

Growing environmental awareness has influenced the increasing popularity of energy-efficient lighting made of environmentally friendly materials. Lamps made of wood, rattan, linen or ceramic are a fashionable choice, bringing warmth and coziness to the interior. We can also increasingly see lamps in the shape of leaves, branches or other elements of nature.


The development of technology has led to an increased interest in smart lighting, which can be controlled by smartphones or voice assistants.

Żyrandole i lampy w stylu vintage są obecnie bardzo modne

Vintage-style chandeliers and lamps are currently very fashionable


What kind of lighting for the living room?

For general lighting in the living room, you can choose a central chandelier or a ceiling lamp that will evenly illuminate the room. You can choose a lamp with a neutral color temperature to provide a pleasant atmosphere. A standing lamp  or table lamp placed by the sofa or armchair, meanwhile, will provide adequate light for reading. Decorative lighting, such as wall sconces, pendant lamps or lampshades with stylish designs, can add character to an arrangement. If the room is low, use ceiling or recessed lighting that doesn't take up extra space. You can also highlight specific design elements, such as paintings, bookshelves or decorative details, by using accent lighting, such as small spotlights or wall sconces.

White or yellow?

White light:

  • Neutral: White light, with a color temperature of about 4000-6500 K, is usually perceived as neutral. It suits modern and minimalist interiors, where cleanliness and simplicity are paramount.

  • Brightness and concentration: White light can help keep you alert and focused, so it's a good choice for areas where you read, work or perform other tasks that require concentration.

  • Modern: If your interior is decorated in a modern, industrial or Scandinavian style, white light will fit perfectly with this aesthetic.

Yellow light:

  • Cozy and warm: Yellow light, with a color temperature of about 2700-3000 K, creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is an ideal choice for areas where you want to relax and unwind.

  • Classic style: If your interior has been decorated in a classic, rustic or vintage style, a yellow light may suit such aesthetics better.

Lampa stojąca świetnie sprawdzi się w salonie

A standing lamp would work well in a living room

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What kind of lighting is the most economical?

Here are some types of lighting with high energy efficiency:

LED (light-emitting diodes)

LED is one of the most energy-efficient light sources available on the market. It has a long life and uses much less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs can emit light of different color temperatures, allowing us to adjust the lighting to our needs.

Energy-saving light sources CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

Although their popularity has declined with the development of LED technology, compact fluorescent lamps are still more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Adjustable lighting

Lighting with adjustable brightness or color temperature allows us to adjust energy consumption to our needs. You can lower the brightness when you need less light, which saves energy.

Motion and light sensors

Systems using motion and light sensors can automatically turn lighting on or off depending on the presence of people in the room. This avoids wasting energy if you forget to turn off the lights.

Solar-bulb lighting

For areas with access to natural sunlight, solar-bulb lighting can be very economical, as it uses solar energy to charge batteries during the day and then emits light at night.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting systems allow more precise management of energy consumption through remote control and scheduling of lighting.

Do najmodniejszych obecnie rodzajów oświetlenia należą lampy w stylu minimalistycznym, nowoczesnym, industrialnym, vintage, a także te inspirowane naturą oraz smart.

    Among the most fashionable types of lighting today are minimalist, modern, industrial, vintage, as well as nature-inspired and smart style lamps.

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