Lighting for interiors in modern classic and New York styles

04 of November '21

Lighting for interiors in modern classic and New York styles

COSMOLight brand offers lighting for residences, houses, apartments as well as for restaurants and hotels. Our products are characterized by a very natural way of combining classic with modern and great attention to detail and workmanship.

© COSMOLight

© COSMOLight

New York style

New York lighting by COSMOLight is an exemplary representation of the most elegant, classic version of American design. Our lamps even perfectly fulfill all the determinants of such style!

Traditional shapes, perfect proportions and excellent ornamentation - they are subtle, yet eye-catching. The hallmarks of New York style lamps are gold, chrome and nickel finishes, candlestick mounting of light sources, beautiful bright lampshades and milky glass give a truly American "look", which is gaining a growing number of fans.

Lampa wisząca
i kinkiety z serii CAPE TOWN © COSMOLight

Pendant lamp and wall lamps from the CAPE TOWN series

© COSMOLight

New York style lamps combine, in a way, classic style with modern style. Their design is clean, but in shape and form they refer to the timeless roots of classic style. Thanks to classical influences, New York style does not tend to "go out of fashion". Interiors decorated in this style are and will long be tasteful and presentable. Moreover, this style blends well with modern style.

New York pendant lamps, as well as table and wall lamps by COSMOLight can provide exquisite lighting for the living room, dining room, or bedroom, and enhance the decor in New York style.

Lampy wiszące

NASHVILLE P04248BK AU and DUBLIN P04148BZ pendant lamps.

© COSMOLight

Modern classic style

It is a skillful combination of classic and modern style. It is close to the New York classic style, but here typically modern elements are woven into the interiors. This creates a very attractive end result, where bright interiors, decorated stucco walls, noble materials on walls, floors and countertops such as marble/quartzite, wood and other classic elements are highlighted by modern furniture and lamps.

Żyrandol i kinkiety
z serii PALERMO © COSMOLightChandelier and wall lamps from the PALERMO series

© COSMOLight

When designing lamps in the modern classic style, we assume that lamps in this style should first of all be a strong accent in the interior. They should dominate while being very elegant and sophisticated. A big role in this is played by pendant lamps.

They are the most noticeable in the space, and it is on them that we should focus most attention when selecting lighting for interiors in this style. In addition to pendant lamps, let's remember table lamps to adorn consoles and side tables, as well as wall sconces in halls and corridors, which are indispensable for their effective decoration.

© COSMOLight© COSMOLight

For more information, visit the company's COSMOLight page on the A&B portal.

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