A bedroom where space has been used to the maximum

21 of March '24

Previously, we have already looked at the bathroom designed by Joanna Węgłowska from the Decoroom studio. Today we present the bedroom of a Wroclaw apartment.

Sypialnia została urządzona w jasnych kolorach

The bedroom was decorated in bright colors

Photo by Marek Koptyński

In the spirit of japandi

The modern apartment was created for a couple. The design premise was to create an interior inspired by a hybrid of functional minimalism, wabi-sabi and scandi trends in a modern yet elegant way. The architect opted for a bright color scheme devoid of contrasts and an interesting mix of textures and structures taken from the natural world. All these elements were combined into a coherent whole by the popular Japandi style.

Lampa w stylu boho dodaje wnętrzu naturalnego uroku

Boho style lamp adds natural charm to the interior

Photo: Marek Koptynski

A space that calms the senses

The bedroom, like other rooms, was decorated in neutral colors. Wrapping beiges and meticulously selected accessories create an atmosphere that allows you to fully relax and enjoy a restorative sleep. References to nature, an inherent element of the japanese style, are introduced by a boho-style lamp and potted plants. On the other hand, a cozy character is given by soft textiles, including a rug with delicate geometric decoration.

Ściana za łóżkiem została pokryta zabudową

The wall behind the bed was covered with a built-in

Photo: Marek Koptynski

A clever solution

The interior is small, so the architect decided to use the wall behind the bed to create a built-in. This gives the investors enough storage space. At the same time, the small bedroom is not cluttered. Instead, the furniture itself is a decoration thanks to its interesting form. The cabinets just above the bed are completely smooth, so this space is not visually overwhelmed. On the other hand, there are large closets on two sides of the bed. One of them is finished with laminate imitating oak wood, the other is white. In this simple way, the arrangement becomes more dynamic and intriguing. The whole is complemented by contrasting black handles.

Zabudowa meblowa ma dwa kolory

The furniture arrangement has two colors

Photo: Marek Koptynski

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