Less than 30 m2 and a limited budget. The design of a small studio apartment

17 of April '24
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  1. The studio has an area of 28 sqm.
  2. The interior design was created by Ula Schönhofer.
  3. The apartment is intended for long-term rental.
  4. The living room includes a system that gives the possibility to change the spacing and number of shelves.
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Small space and limited budget. These were the design challenges that Ula Schönhofer, the designer of the studio apartment, had to face.

Surowe meble zostały ocieplone dodatkami

Raw furniture got warmed up with accessories

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Maximum use of space

The apartment has an area of 28 sqm. The investors bought it on the primary market. The studio is intended for long-term rental. The idea was to create a universal, but not boring interior. So the architect relied on contrasting colors and geometric patterns.

- When designing the apartment, I thought of a young person who needs a flexible space with an open function, which they will complete according to their needs — explains Ula Schönhofer.

W pokoju dziennym znajduje się narożna rozkładana sofa

The living room features a corner sofa bed

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Limited budget

The budget for finishing the apartment didn't include custom-made furniture. For this reason, already at the development stage, the layout of walls, connections and electrical points was designed to maximize the use of space by inserting ready-made furniture, including a kitchen.

- This project was a challenge. It involved many compromises due to budget constraints, but thanks to the consistency in implementing the developed assumptions, a stylistically coherent and functional interior was created — describes the architect.

Aranżacja jest uniwersalna, ale nie brak tu interesujących akcentów

The arrangement is universal, but it does not lack interesting accents

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Solutions for a small space

black kitchen in a small apartment is not an obvious choice, but it is an interesting accent that gives character to the arrangement. Changing the location of the radiator in the living room allowed to fit a comfortable sofa. Also thanks to this amendment, the piece of furniture stands sideways and isn't facing the annex. Instead of a traditional bookcase, a system which gives the possibility to change the spacing and number of shelves was used next to the lounge. This is a practical solution for small interiors. The industrial character of the furniture has been warmed up with accessories, including a green and white checkerboard carpet.

Mebel posiada funkcję dostosowania ilości i rozkładu półek

The furniture has a function of adjusting the number and distribution of shelves

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Bathroom with a colorful accent

For the bathroom floor, the designer chose tiles in a shade of terracotta. Even before the apartment was handed over, it was decided that instead of bathtub, there will be a more compact solution — a shower. There is also a small utility cabinet with space for a washing machine and cleaning products.

Podłoga w łazience ma odcień terakoty

The bathroom floor has a terracotta shade

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

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