Kitchen in a shade of black

28 of October '22

The kitchen is for many the most important place in the house. The center of family life, as well as a space for receiving guests. Well designed, it should not only facilitate the process of preparing a meal, but also make being in it a pleasant experience.

Kuchnia z czarną zabudową

Kitchen with black cabinetry

© WestwingNow

An air of elegance

An important aspect to consider when designing a kitchen, are the colors used in it. In general, these are mainly bright colors. However, if you are looking for an intriguing arrangement, consider using black. This color goes well with both brick and wood, as well as marble.

Czerń pięknie komponuje się ze złotem

Black goes beautifully with gold

Photo by Christian Mackie © UNSPLASH

For small and large

In larger and open kitchens, woodwork in black will look interesting. However, also in small interiors it can be a hit. Just make sure that it does not overwhelm the rest of the arrangement. This can be done with bright accessories. Wood and white or beige accessories will work perfectly.

Czarna zabudowa z wyspą

Black built-ins with an island

© WestwingNow

Matte or gloss?

With dark cabinets, the finish coat is also of great importance. Matte goes well with industrial and Scandinavian style, while glossy goes well with modern and glamour. Remember also that black furniture, however, is more prone to staining, especially with a matte surface. The size of the room is also worth considering. Matte will work better in large kitchens, open to the living room. Gloss, on the other hand, will optically enlarge small rooms.

Matowa zabudowa daje imponujący efekt, lecz jest bardziej podatna na zabrudzenia

Matte cabinetry gives an impressive effect, but is more susceptible to staining

Photo by Armin Djuhic © UNSPLASH

Sophisticated austerity

The following arrangement uses a variation of Scandinavian style. The arrangement has gained an elegant flair through the use of black kitchen cabinetry. There are also other corresponding elements in the same color, such as stools and a sink with a sink faucet, located on the island. The natural wood, together with the white walls and marble countertop, warms and brightens the room. The finishing detail is a shade of gold. The legs of the stools, handles and light fixtures in this shade bring a touch of subtlety to the austere and simple space.

Czarna kuchnia w stylu skandynawskim

Black kitchen in Scandinavian style


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