A house with a tree inside

04 of April '24

The open well-lit space of a house in Konstancin has been arranged in the japandi style. Architects from the Interiorsy studio, Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik, are responsible for the project.

Wnętrze zostało urządzone w stylu japandi

The interior was arranged in the japandi style

© Interiorsy

Soothing power of nature

The interior is dominated by natural materials and muted colors. They are complemented by forms inspired by the nature. The interiors are illuminated by large glazings, letting in a good dose of natural light. The windows, which run the full height of the rooms, also open the interiors to the surrounding greenery, whose irregular, rounded forms are repeated by carefully selected furnishings. We can see this in the designer lamps with organic shapes. Indeed, nature plays a prominent role here and its influence on the design of the entire house cannot be overestimated.

- Linen fabrics, light, neutral colors, natural wood and stone allow to create a harmonious background for the obtuse, irregular in form furniture inspired by the natural world. All this accompanied by green plants, which evoke a return to nature, introducing an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation at home — describes Marta Iglewska.

Obłe formy wyposażenia inspirowane są naturą

Oblique forms of furnishings are inspired by nature

© Interiorsy

Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism

The open living area creates a stylistically unified space, in which the boundaries between the various zones are determined only by their functions. The whole is extremely visually coherent. This is due to the uniform color scheme, consistently used materials as well as furniture and accessories maintained in the same convention. Despite this, the functions of individual rooms do not intermingle, which ensures comfortable use of each of them. The main element of the living room area is a large corner sofa in a light color. Its rounded, strongly curved shapes encourage relaxation after a long, tiring day. On the other hand, the kitchen area, devoid of upper cabinets, although representative and elegant, provides ergonomics. On the border of the two zones, a dining room with a large wooden table and bentwood chairs with the characteristic Viennese braid has been arranged.

- In 2024, the interiors will still be dominated by nature, bringing peace and balance to our lives. Hence we can expect that on the list of fashionable design styles japandi, combining the best of Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism, will maintain its high position. Listening to the needs of investors and aiming to make their home a real oasis of calm, we proposed an interior design in this style — says architect Radosław Wójcik.

Poszczególne części otwartej strefy dziennej łagodnie się przenikają

The various parts of the open living area gently intermingle

© Interiorsy

An unusual element

Closeness to nature is also evidenced by the fact that an integral part of the house is...a tree. It connects the interior with the surrounding nature. In addition, it visually encloses the living area, inviting you into rooms that are a bit more expressive in their perception. The bathroom is dominated by dark gray stone. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, the main fixture is a dark wood-maintained Viennese plaid bed. However, there is no shortage of japandi style markers here. Light and dark colors, like yin and yang, create a coherent, harmonious whole.

Łazienka utrzymana jest w ciemnych kolorach

The bathroom is kept in dark colors

© Interiorsy

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