Interior in shade of magenta

27 of March '24
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  1. The house has almost 200 m2.
  2. The building is located near Warsaw.
  3. The interior was designed by Karina Roman of the P/ART studio.
  4. The main decoration of the arrangement is a rest in magenta color.
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The house was built to the investors' individual design. The arrangement of its interiors was created by Karina Roman of the P/art studio.

Duże przeszklenia spajają wnętrze z otoczeniem

Large glazed windows unite the interior with the surroundings

Photo: Kasia Ładczuk/Ład Studio © Nobonobo

Neutrality with a twist

The house belonging to a married couple with two children is located on the outskirts of Warsaw. The nearly 200-square-meter interior is divided into two parts. The living area consists of a kitchen, dining room, living room, small bathroom and TV room. The private part, on the other hand, includes the master bedroom, children's rooms, bathrooms and a dressing room. The investors themselves suggested using strong colors. So the designer suggested a subdued base based on the colors of nature, warmed up with lots of wood and black. A strong color accent, however, is a sofa in an energetic shade of magenta. The lump of the house and a lot of glazing, strongly suggested the direction of the arrangement and the division of rooms into various functions.

W części prywatnej znajdują się pokoje dzieci i łazienki Łazienka została urządzona w stonowanych barwach

The private part includes, among others, children's rooms and bathrooms

Photo: Kasia Ładczuk/Ład Studio © Nobonobo

Viva magenta!

The space where investors spend the most time every day is the living area. Its individual zones have been highlighted with finishing materials, but the whole remains consistent. The focal point of the living room is the two modular sofas. The arrangement of the furniture can be easily adjusted to suit the circumstances, such as watching movies together or meeting with family or friends.

- I didn't want a boring soft gray sofa, but bold contemporary furniture that will play first fiddle here," Karina Roman says of the living room design.

Głównym punktem salonu są dwie modułowe sofy w mocnym kolorze

The focal point of the living room are two modular sofas in a strong color

Photo: Kasia Ładczuk/Ład Studio © Nobonobo

The rest of the room relies on the color black. This made it possible to hide the TV wall. The whole is complemented by wood and light-colored walls, which tie the interior together with the views outside the window.

Divided by color

The arrangement of the TV room is dark, even black. In addition to a large screen and a comfortable sofa, there are built-ins for liquor and sports trophies.

Aranżacja pokoju telewizyjnego jest prawie czarna Architektka Karina Roman

Architect Karina Roman

Photo: Kasia Ładczuk/Lad Studio © Nobonobo

In the bedroom and private area, a slightly calmer color palette was decided upon. Although also here on one of the walls there was magenta. The room was divided into two zones, which are determined by the use of colors on the walls and ceiling. In the part with color a dressing table was placed, while in the zone kept in natural colors a bed stands.

W jaśniejszej części stoi łóżko Toaletka została umieszczona przy barwnej ścianie

The dressing table was placed next to the colorful wall

Photo: Kasia Ładczuk/Ład Studio © Nobonobo

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