Bedroom and bathroom glimmered with gold

26 of March '24

Karina Maksimczuk, owner of the Makao Home studio, designed an interior intended for business trips. The investors wanted a space where they would feel at home and be able to relax after an intense day.

Łóżko zdobi wezgłowie wykonane z udrapowanego złocistobrązowego weluru

The bed is decorated with a headboard made of draped golden-brown velour

Photo and styling: Marta Behling / Vertical Level

Golden dreams

The apartment has two bedrooms and their assigned bathrooms. The investor's bedroom is filled with gold motifs. The headboard of the bed is made of draped golden-brown velour. It is referenced by a small wall sconce on the wall that serves as a bedside lamp. Below, however, you will find a switch, also in the shade of precious bullion. A comfortable armchair has been placed under the window. This is an ideal place to indulge in reading. The coziness of the interior is added by a wallpaper with a fabric texture. The facing, like the rest of the walls, is light beige, but a keen eye will notice that it has a subtle gold thread. An element of contrast is introduced by two dark bedside tables with fancy shapes. There is also no lack of art here. The area above the bed is decorated with a ceramic painting by Ula Michalak.

Włączniki również mają zdobny złoty kolor Przy oknie zaaranżowany został kącik do czytania

By the window a reading corner has been arranged

Photo and styling: Marta Behling / Pion Level

Bathroom in a feminine atmosphere

The bathroom next door is extremely ornate and feminine. Already from the entrance the attention is drawn to the mirror. It was placed in a niche lined with dark st oneware, so it looks like a painting in an ornate frame. Below, a gold-colored wall-mounted sink faucet shines. It is alluded to by decorative brass cabinet handles and a towel rack. The feminine atmosphere of the interior is emphasized by stoneware wall tiles with fabric texture and a pouffe on shapely legs placed near the shower cabin. Meanwhile, stucco on the ceiling and a dark stoneware strip near the floor add elegance to the room.

Lustro zostało umieszczone w ramie z ciemnego gresu Koło kabiny prysznicowej stanął puf ze złotymi nóżkami

The mirror was placed in a frame of dark stoneware

Photo and styling: Marta Behling / Pion Level

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