Retro-style bathroom

12 of March '24

The bathroom designed by Joanna Sergiel Studio is a combination of the functionality of modern equipment with vintage elements.

Inspired by the history of the

The63-square-meter apartment is located in Zoliborz. It is inhabited by a family with two teenage daughters. It was their tastes that played a key role in creating the arrangement of this interior. The investors' daughters love retro style, antiques, art and books. So the goal was to create a vintage-style space with a light touch and a subtle reference to Parisian townhouses.

Nakrapiany blat wykańcza szafkę w stylu vintage

A spotted countertop finishes a vintage-style cabinet

Photo: Studio Resources

References to previous eras

The bathroom arrangement is based on a contrasting color palette. The white on the walls was broken by the intense color on the floor and the dove blue of the furniture. The walls, covered with white subway-style tiles, are a great background for the very intense floor. It is the one that plays the main role here. With its distinct geometric pattern and contrasting color combination, this element gives the bathroom a unique character. The decorative floor is somewhat reminiscent of old floors, so it adds another retro-style element.

Zdobna podłoga w stylu retro nadaje charakteru aranżacji

Decorative floor in retro style adds character to the arrangement

Photo: Studio Resources

Modern functionality

The decorative flooring flows seamlessly into the bathtub enclosure. Due to limited space, Joanna Sergiel used a bathtub screen. This allows residents to both take a quick shower and relax while bathing. The screen has a very simple, minimalist form of a glass panel with a black border. Thanks to this, the architect avoided an overwhelming effect. The bathing area is complemented by black bathroom faucets, which introduce a touch of modernity, thus creating an intriguing contrast.

Parawan nawannowy umożliwia zarówno branie prysznica, jak i korzystanie z kąpieli

The bathtub screen allows both taking a shower and enjoying a bath

Photo: Studio Resources

Furnishings that create atmosphere

Right next to the bathtub there is a cabinet. It is worth taking a better look at it. Although it looks like a piece of furniture found at a flea market, it is new and was made to measure. The cabinet is finished with a bright spotted countertop, on which the sink sits. Above it hangs a large mirror in a gold frame. Its rounded top adds delicacy to the interior. Next to the mirror is a simple black-and-white wall lamp, which provides adequate illumination when performing the daily toilet.

Minimalistyczny kinkiet zapewnia odpowiednie oświetlenie

The minimalist wall lamp provides adequate lighting

Photo: Studio Resources

A touch of color

The toilet area is distinguished by the use of blue color. It can be found, among other things, on the capacious enclosure, which provides storage space for all the necessary cosmetics and accessories. In order to make maximum use of the available space, the radiator was hung on the upper part of the wall.

Błękitna zabudowa pomieści wszelkie potrzebne przedmioty

The blue built-ins will accommodate all the necessary items

Photo: Studio Resources

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