Modern classic style interior in neutral shades

08 of April '24
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  1. The author of the project is Denisa Chomik of DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz.
  2. The apartment comes from the secondary market.
  3. The interior was decorated in modern classic style.
  4. The closet in the bedroom hides the passage to the dressing room.
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The design of the apartment for a young couple with a child was created by Denisa Chomik of DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz.

Mieszkanie pochodzi z rynku wtórnego

The apartment comes from the secondary market

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

The new face of the interior

The 80-meter apartment is located in Warsaw. The apartment comes from the secondary market. It was built in the early 00's. Denisa Chomik undertook its metamorphosis and created a cozy interior in modern classic style. The arrangment surprises with pleasant details and functional solutions.

Aranżacja utrzymana jest w stonowanych kolorach

The arrangement is kept in subdued colors

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

Good first impression

The new lobby is harmonious and consistent. The herringbone floor visually enlarges the space, while an elegant closet hides the washing machine and offers additional storage space. There is also a narrow console for storing keys and other small items and a large mirror.

Podłoga w holu została ułożona w jodełkę

The floor in the hall has been laid in a herringbone pattern

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

Attention to detail

The kitchen fulfills not only practical needs, but has also become the heart of the house thanks to its aesthetic arrangement. Removing a wall and adding an island opened up the space. New furniture with delicate fretwork, gold handles and a hood and an elegant touch. The use of a stone countertop in a slightly darker, beige shade createa a stylish and functional work area.

Architektka postanowiła wyburzyć ścianę w kuchni i dodać wyspę

The architect decided to demolish a wall in the kitchen and add an island

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

Mixing old with new

The living room arrangement is a combination of classic and modern. Outdated elements were replaced with bookcases, which match the built-ins in the kitchen. The space above the minimalist electric fireplace, was lined with wallpaper with a botanical motif. The end of the lounge area is marked by a large comfortable sofa with subtle decorations. Behind it you'll find a dining nook consisting of a simple white table and upholstered chairs. The thing worth paying attention to is lighting. The glass lamp is a bold decorative element that blends well with the stucco on the walls.

Ściana nad kominkiem elektrycznym została ozdobiona tapetą

The wall above the electric fireplace was decorated with wallpaper

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

A bedroom with a surprise

The arrangement of the bedroom is kept in calm shades of whites and browns. Gold accessories add a touch of luxury to the space. On either side of the brown upholstered bed stand bedside tables in the shade of cappuccino. Their fluted fronts add dynamic to the arrangement. Above them the designer used mirrored panels, which optically enlarge the space. In addition, high glass doors let a lot of light into the room. Denisa Chomik decided to demolish the entrance wall. This enlarged the doorway and provided space for a closet. The piece of furniture decorated with stucco includes a passage to the dressing room.

Szafa w sypialni skrywa przejście do garderoby

The closet in the bedroom hides the passage to the dressing room

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

Bathroom in shades of pink

Initially, the main element of the bathroom was an impractical corner bathtub. In addition, the monotonous color scheme of the tiles made the space uninspiring and devoid of character. The designer decided to transform it with Italian tiles in a shade of soft pink. This color creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day. The key to achieving a functional arrangement was to make custom furniture that was tailored to the bathroom space. The stucco at the ceiling adds a sophisticated touch to the interior. Fittings in rose gold add a subtle note of luxury to the bathroom and create a cohesive whole with the rest of the arrangement.

W łazience architektka zastosowała włoskie płytki w odcieniu różu Meble w łazience zostały wykonane na wymiar

In the bathroom, the architect used Italian tiles in a shade of pink

© DC Studio Architektura Wnętrz

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