Minimalist kitchen with hidden work area

10 of April '24

Is it possible to combine a beautiful kitchen arrangment with a functional work area? Ewa Tabakowska of GRID Studio Projektowe proves that it is!

A space full of contrasts

The 300-square-meter house is located near Cracow. It was created for a family of four with two children. The investors wanted a bright modern space. The arrangement was to be full of natural materials and subdued colors. The owners wanted wood to play the main role. However, they wised for it to be contrasted with cold concrete and steel to avoid a rustic effect.

Ścianka pokryta farbą tablicową może służyć do zapisków

A wall covered with blackboard paint can be used for notes

Photo by Norbert Adamowicz © Dekorian Home

Things you can't see

The kitchen is part of the open living area. The development sequence begins with a display case, where a collection of tableware is exposed. Adjacent to it is a big piece of furniture made of warm honey-colored veneer. It hides all the necessary equipment.

- Investors appreciate minimalism and don't like it when too many kitchen appliances are visible. That's why we decided to enclose most of the small appliances behind full doors, so that they could be hidden. We also designed additional countertops and cabinets there — explains the architect.

The whole creates a functional working area that can be closed when not in use.

Sprzęty AGD zostały ukryte w dużej zabudowie

Domestic appliances have been hidden in a large built-in cabinet

Photo by Norbert Adamowicz © Dekorian Home

Just behind it is a small island, where you can sit to eat a quick meal or drink coffee. An interesting solution is a movable wall covered with blackboard paint. The black background can be used for kitchen notes, and when the owners feel like having a cup of coffee, they tilt the front, behind which the coffee machine is hidden.

Przy wyspie można zjeść posiłek lub napić się kawy

Kitchen island has a place for having a meal or a cup of coffee

Photo by Norbert Adamowicz © Dekorian Home

Light and functional

The visible and more representative kitchen area is located under the window.

- We deliberately decided to not use traditional hanging cabinets here (there is only one, on the shorter wall) to brighten the arrangement a bit and give the kitchen more lightness — adds the designer.

This effect is enhanced by the use of neutral white fronts on the lower cabinets. Glazed white tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern were laid on the wall. The floor was covered with a minimalist gray resin surface. This durable material is an ideal choice for places where there is a lot of activity and the floor is prone to stains and damage, such as kitchens.

Ściana została pokryta szkliwionymi płytkami ułożonymi we wzór jodełki

The wall was covered with glazed tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern

Photo by Norbert Adamowicz © Dekorian Home

Secret passage

A practical solution is the door connecting the kitchen with the vestibule.

- We came up with this idea in order to improve communication. The house is large, so to make it easier to get to the kitchen, for example with groceries, we connected it with the vestibule, in which we designed a pantrysays Ewa Tabakowska.

Z kuchni można bezpośrednio przejść do wiatrołapu

From the kitchen you can go directly to the vestibule

Photo by Norbert Adamowicz © Dekorian Home

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