Subdued colors and geometric forms in a bedroom design

12 of April '24

Previously, we have already looked at the dressing room and hallway, as well as the living area of the interior designed by AMJ Studio. Today we conclude our visit to the apartment in Poznań by presenting the bedroom arrangement.

Subdued base

The bedroom has an area of more than 13 m². Like the rest of the apartment, it was decorated in subdued colors. The dominant color here is white combined with light gray. A colorful break of this neutral base is the entrance wall. The part without the door, was painted with a delicate shade of pink. It brings freshness to the interior and gives the arrangement a feminine touch.

Na stoliku nocnym znajduje się rzeźba Andrzeja Żurka

On the bedside table there is a sculpture by Andrzej Żurek

Photo: AMJ Studio

Round and round

The furnishings are distinguished by geometric forms. Here we have both rounded and more austere shapes. The roundness can be found in the form of a large mirror suspended under the dressing table. It is complemented by a round upholstered pouffe, which additionally introduces a bit of color thanks to its interesting mustard hue. Opposite, there is a large armchair with soft edges. Both the seat along with the armrests and the metal parts serving as a base are oblique. The upholstered bed has a similar appearance. Both pieces of furniture are also linked by color. The last round accent is provided by the industrial lamps hanging on both sides of the bed.

Tapicerowany fotel ma zaokrąglone krawędzie

The upholstered armchair has rounded edges

Photo: AMJ Studio

Harmonizing contrast

More „sharp” shapes are represented by minimalist white door and simple bedside tables. However, it is worth noting their golden handles. Here the motif of roundness appears again. This is a great example of the blending of the two forms. Right next to it stands a rectangular dressing table made of light wood. The most prominent geometric element, however, is the window consisting of four square parts. Architects Kamil Paszek and Adam Jankowski cleverly surrounded it with more „soft” furniture. Such a contrasting juxtaposition paradoxically brings balance to the interior. Thanks to this, the arrangement of the bedroom is not overloaded with one type of forms.

Prostokątna toaletka została zestawiona z okrągłą pufą

The rectangular dressing table was juxtaposed with a round pouffe

Photo: AMJ Studio

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