A note of nostalgia, or traces of history in interiors

28 of March '24

Furniture and decorations marked by the passage of time enrich the decor and create stylish interiors with soul with incredible ease.

In the foreground

Vintage elements are a way to break away from mass design trends. Furnishings from yesteryear allow us to create interiors with atmosphere, which simply cannot be copied. Furniture and decorations found, for example, at a flea market are a counterbalance to everything mass. Such gems with their characteristic charm beautify the house. So it is worthwhile to highlight them well. For example, a white dresser, on which time has imprinted its mark, exposed against a background of dark green will beautifully tell its story. With such a wall color will gracefully harmonize with potted plants set on the cabinet, which will bring a breath of freshness to the decor.

Wybierz się na pchli targ, aby poszukać niepowtarzalnego wyposażenia

Go to the flea market to look for unique furnishings

© Tikkurila

Bold combinations

The juxtaposition of several antique elements in a decor provides a phenomenal design effect. A decorative doorframe repainted in powder pink is a real treat for fans of retro style. Such an element harmonizes effectively with a large baroque closet set in the room. The massive body of the piece of furniture interacts interestingly with the bent form, giving it lightness and palace character. The original decor is fancifully complemented by a soft carpet and a magnificent chandelier made of blue glass.

Masywna szafa wprowadza do wnętrza pałacowy klimat

A massive closet brings a palatial atmosphere to the interior

© Tikkurila

The second life of trinkets

A reference to the past can also be introduced by accessories. Instead of hiding old furnishings in basements or attics, it is best to bring them to light. An antique portrait in a gilded ornate frame is an unusual interior decoration. Also in keeping with the aesthetics of bygone years are doors in a classic pattern, a vintage-style armchair, and aparquet floor laid in a checkerboard pattern. Such flooring combines the grace of classics with elegance, nimbly balancing between the past and the here and now. The dim honey shade of the walls creates a beautiful setting for the interior.

Starodawny obraz w złotej ramie to intrygująca dekoracja

An antique painting in a gold frame is an intriguing decoration

© Tikkurila

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