Something comfortable for everyone - upholstered furniture from Polish designers

10 of February '23

Unique, soft, comfortable - three new collections designed by top Polish designers have appeared in VOX's upholstered furniture offer. Marta Krupinska, Krystian Kowalski and Grynasz Studio created designs inspired by changing everyday life and the need for rest. The collaboration resulted in a rocking chair with footrest, a sofa and modular furniture.

Unique State

Shared moments and moments just for oneself - these are what inspired Marta Krupinska to design the Stan rocking chair. This private time machine will take us back to our childhood and our grandfather's living room, where the old rocker stood. Swaying in it used to be fun, and today it will work to soothe our senses. We can dress the beautiful form of the armchair in any fabric from a rich library of materials. We can also choose the color of the skids - oak or black. This will allow us to match the furniture even better with the interior in which we will place it.

- This is not the classic rocking chair reserved in our imaginations for grandmothers. Stan is a two-person rocker, encouraging us to spend time together and share the same excitement. It's a place for two siblings to laugh, for sorrows to be soothed in a parent's embrace, for the closeness of a toddler and mom feeding him or rocking him together, or for a cuddle with an outgrown pet who still thinks he's a puppy. And, of course, grandparents can swing too," Marta Krupinskaya says about her project.

Fotel Stan wraz z podnóżkiem stanowią idealne miejsce do ukojenia zmysłów

The Stan armchair, together with the footrest, is the perfect place to soothe the senses


The Stan armchair can also be matched with a footstool from the same collection. Such a duo will take relaxation to a whole new level. The footstool swings from side to side, which, combined with the armchair rocking back and forth, provides a neural stimulation. Together they create an exceptionally welcoming lounge set, perfect for a moment of relaxation alone, with a child or beloved pet.

Kolekcja Stan została zaprojektowana z myślą o wspólnych chwilach i momentach tylko dla siebie

The Stan collection was designed for shared moments and moments just for yourself


Your dimension of relaxation

The Stello sofa designed by Krystian Kowalski is the perfect combination of function and form, which will be relevant both in a year and in ten years. Every detail of the sofa is designed to envelop you in comfort, regardless of whether you are reading a book, watching a movie with a loved one or sleeping. Soft lines, gentle curves and gently contoured armrests make the sofa look attractive from all sides. It is not only its fabric and color that can be personalized. You can also choose a decorative slat - wooden or upholstered, forming a unified whole with the seats and backrests. The colors of the slats have been matched to several VOX collections, which allows you to create consistent arrangements. The Stello sofa is available in three versions: as a 2-seater sofa, a corner sofa and a large corner sofa with decorative slats.

Narożnik Stello z szezlongiem sprawi, że każdy domownik znajdzie się w strefie komfortu

Stello corner sofa with chaise longue will put every household member in the comfort zone


- My motivation for the Stello project was to design a contemporary piece of furniture with a sophisticated form. We created a functional sofa with a sleeping function, which at the same time does not give up elegance and harmonious proportions. It is noticeable, but not flashy. - says Krystian Kowalski, the designer.

W sofie Stello każdy detal został zaprojektowany po to, aby otulać komfortem

In the Stello sofa, every detail was designed to wrap you in comfort


As we are comfortable

Looking for furniture that adapts to the rhythm of life and its changes, it is worth paying attention to the Conffi collection of modular furniture, which was created in cooperation with Grynasz Studio. Conffi will take any form and will find its way into any interior. All you have to do is give it a shape and color, choose the type of armrest, side and legs to create a piece of furniture perfectly suited to our needs and our interior. Choosing your own furniture configuration is a pleasure of combining and matching elements. We can choose a classic sofa from three modules and enjoy it for years, or with additional elements create a combination that fits the current moment.

- Thanks to its modular design, the Conffi collection adapts to different metric possibilities of apartments and is easy to assemble and reorganize independently. The elements allow us to build both an armchair, a small sofa and a large composition designed for larger living rooms. We can freely "build" the sofa in terms of size, number of modules and by using different armrests and accessories. In this way, we get a piece of furniture in a given style, matching the specific decor of the place," say Marta Niemywska-Grynasz and Dawid Grynasz of Grynasz Studio, authors of the Conffi modular system.

Conffi przybierze dowolną postać i odnajdzie się w każdym wnętrzu, wystarczy nadać mu wybrany kształt i kolor

Conffi will take any form and will find its way into any interior, just give it the shape and color of your choice


What sets Conffi apart from other modular solutions is its sleeping function. Visiting guests? Overnighting them will not be a problem. The furniture will first serve as a place to spend time together, to turn into a bed in a moment.

Za dnia sofa, w nocy łóżko - moduły Conffi dopasowują się do wszelkich potrzeb

A sofa during the day, a bed at night - Conffi modules adapt to all needs


Stan armchair, Stello sofa and Conffi modules are available from VOX. The full range of products can be found in VOX stores and at

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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