The contemporary kitchen: Interview with an expert about trends for 2024

07 of February '24

In the rapidly changing world of interior design, the kitchen remains the focal point of the home, reflecting both individual style and the latest trends. In an interview with Anna Hennebole, brand manager at Franke, who is conducting the research, we discover the upcoming trends for our kitchens.

Let's start with what will no longer be fashionable or necessary?

Products that do not consider broad design aspects will gradually disappear from kitchens. We now expect kitchen appliances to follow our individual lifestyles and reflect our values, going beyond aesthetics and functionality. What matters today is the multifunctionality of appliances, even their hybrid nature and the environmental impact of their production and use.

Urzadzenia Mythos w ciemnej zabudowie

Mythos appliances in a dark interior design

© Franke

What colors and patterns will dominate the kitchen?

There is a greater emphasis on personalization and creativity in interior design, which may be a result of spending more time at home. Interest is growing toward a variety of colors and materials and finishes. We are noticing two contrasting color trends: on the one hand, black granite, laminate and finishes in black matte, and on the other, a palette of vibrant and warm colors, from avocado green to berry color and shades of caramel. Interior patterns and designs will represent naturalness and authenticity, which influences the comfort of everyday life. Ultra-matte finishes, anti-fingerprint coatings, more resistant surfaces and colorful stainless steel accents will become popular.

Urządzernia Maris w kolorowej kuchni

Maris appliances in a colorful kitchen

© Franke

What about materials? Which ones will dominate the interior market?

Based on in-depth market research, we have noticed that the use of materials that minimize environmental impact plays a key role. That's why we offer taps and sinks made of recycled stainless steel. We also introduce accessories made of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. As for aesthetic choices, metallic finishes and colored stainless steel are growing in popularity.

Stalowy zlewozmywak Mythos z akcesoriami

Mythos stainless steel sink with accessories

© Franke

What technological or product innovations have the potential to revolutionize the kitchen?

A key trend is hybrid appliances, combining multiple functions and integrating traditional kitchen tools. Franke already offers a range of appliances that work together, such as a wine cooler and coffee maker and matching appliance drawers with accessories. Another example is the Mythos Air Hub hood, which not only serves as an extractor fan, but can also improve the air quality in the home by removing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Solutions that help keep appliances in pristine condition for longer periods of time are becoming increasingly important. One example is F-Inox technology, which we call the „formula for long-lasting beauty,” is applied to colored stainless steel. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, sinks from the Mythos Masterpiece Collection get less dirty. The popularity of advanced water filtration systems, which offer smart features and ensure constant access to top-quality water for drinking and cooking, is also growing. In this area, we will soon show off a new product.

Zestaw akcesoriów ALL IN do zlewu

ALL IN accessory set for sink

© Franke

From sustainable use of materials to high-tech innovations, the kitchen is becoming not only a place for cooking, but also a symbol of personal style and environmentally conscious choices.

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