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04 of April '23

Walking, moving, washing with detergents - our floors have to endure a lot indeed. In a house with a lot going on, you need solutions with exceptional resistance to impacts, scratches or moisture. How to choose them so that they are both durable and look good?

First: durability

When deciding on a floor for a bedroom, living room or kitchen, we count on making a purchase for many years. Not only because of the cost of the renovation, but also the time-consuming process itself. That's why we're increasingly willing to go for solutions that will stay with us for up to a dozen years and look pristine during that time. One of them is Rigio vinyl flooring. The panels are characterized by exceptional impact and scratch resistance, which is provided by a hard core - rigid core, enriched with mineral fiber.

Podłoga Rigio w odcieniu Appo

Rigio flooring in Appo shade


In rooms where the floor is prone to scratches, Rigio will prove excellent - for example, in a student's room or home office. Frequent moving of a chair or wheelchair away from the desk will not cause damage to the surface of the panels.

Second: water resistance

Thanks to its water resistance, we can also lay Rigio in the kitchen or bathroom. Here even direct contact with liquids will not change their performance. Additional protection in the form of L2C lock, ensures that the panels are perfectly sealed together. Thus, moisture will not get under them, causing damage.

Podłoga Rigio w odcieniu Concrete Dark

Rigio flooring in the shade Concrete Dark


If you live with children or pets, it's a good idea to bet on waterproof Querra WR panels. In addition to exceptional resistance to impacts or scratches, they feature resistance to liquids. Thanks to water resistance technology, liquids remain on the surface of the panels from 24 to 72 hours. This way, spilled juice during play or water around our pet's bowl is no longer a problem.

Panele podłogowe wodoszczelne Querra Classic WR w odcieniu Dąb Almond

Querra Classic WR water-resistant floor panels in the shade Oak Almond


Rigio vinyl panels are made entirely of materials that do not absorb water, so their use in the bathroom, for example, is completely safe for the product and the underlay. Querra WR floor panels, on the other hand, have an HDF base, which is a derivative of wood that absorbs water. Despite this base, the use of reinforcements and waterproof locks make the panels remain water resistant.

Third: appearance

The floor is a fundamental element of any design, so we require that it not only be resistant, but also look good. Rigio 's range of vinyl flo oring includes 15 different designs, arranged in two lines inspired by the beauty of wood and the rawness of concrete. This offers many design possibilities. We can combine different patterns in one room or use different decors throughout the apartment.

Podłogi Rigio

Rigio floors


Wood or concrete? Wanting a natural effect, let's bet on wooden decors. Querra WR collections reproduce the color and structure of wood, while maintaining high resistance to external factors. The reproduction of the grain, emphasized by a matte surface finish, is also one of the hallmarks of Rigio flooring. Shades such as Oak Euris, Oak Bore and Oak Niker will give coziness to any living room, bedroom or hallway. For lovers of modern aesthetics, there were colorations imitating architectural concrete, which will look great in the bathroom.

Podłoga Rigio w odcieniu Concrete Ground

Rigio flooring in the shade Concrete Ground


Panele podłogowe wodoszczelne Querra WR w odcieniu Dąb Hadar

Querra WR waterproof floor panels in the shade Oak Hadar


Fourth: Complementarity

To shorten the selection process and installation time, Rigio floors have an integrated IXPE underlayment with a total thickness of 6.5 mm. A version of the panels without the underlay, with a thickness of 5 mm, is also available. The skirting board is also worth remembering. This inconspicuous piece of equipment is an important part of the arrangement - it completes it and emphasizes its unique character. Deciding on Rigio floors, let's choose the Espumo skirting board. It is a product as durable and resistant to damage and water as the floor itself. Espumo will also create a great duo with Querra WR flooring.

Panele podłogowe wodoszczelne Querra WR i listwa przypodłogowa Espumo

Querra WR waterproof floor panels and Espumo skirting board


In the offer of the VOX showroom chain you will also find floors of other manufacturers such as: Quick-Step or Krono Original. A wide cross-section of floor panels, natural or vinyl flooring allows us to choose the product we are interested in, both in terms of functionality and appearance. Looking for exceptional durability and water resistance, it is worth paying attention to the Signature collection of laminate floors from Quick-Step. Thanks to the patented Scratch Guard coating, they are up to ten times more resistant to scratches. In addition, they come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

Other brands available in the portfolio of the VOX store chain: Swiss Krono, Classen, Berry Alloc, Ter Hurne, Pergo, Egger and Gerflor.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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