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Which garage door should I choose?

29 of November '23

It all depends on the needs of the investor, the type of building and development conditions. However, it is worth getting to know the solutions of the Polish leader of the garage door market in Poland. It is worth getting to know the offer of WIŚNIOWSKI brand.

Sectional gates

3 unique models of sectional gates: economical UniPro, super warm UniTherm and exclusive PRIME - combine the highest standards of safety and comfort. They are energy efficient and protect against heat loss. They meet the requirements of the "Clean Air" program.

Brama PRIME w wersji black edition to ekskluzywny wjazd i unikalne wnętrze garażu

PRIME gate in the black edition version is an exclusive entrance and unique garage interior


Renovation gates

Renovation gates are proposals for sectional gates that allow them to fit almost any type of development. They guarantee high aesthetics and functionality, even in the most demanding places.

Tilt-up gates

Thanks to the simple and proven design of swing g ates, you can enjoy ease of use for many years. Personalization allows you to tailor the gates to meet your diverse needs.

Bramy RenoSystem pozwalają na dopasowanie bram segmentowych do najbardziej wymagających warunków zabudowy

RenoSystem gates allow you to match sectional gates to the most demanding development conditions


Roller gates

Roller shutter gates are designed to save space under the ceiling. They are functional models, resistant to corrosion and safe to use.

Swinging gates

Swinging gates are an economical proposition that guarantees safety. The gates are ideal for detached garages, utility rooms, warehouses or workshops.

Brama przesuwna PI przeznaczona jest do zamknięcia wjazdów o szerokości przejazdu do 16 m (lub 24 m w przypadku bram zbieżnych!)

PI sliding gate is designed to close entrances with a passage width of up to 16 m (or 24 m in the case of converging gates!).


Industrial gates and systems

Robust construction supplemented with modern solutions for safety and functionality will prove useful in halls, warehouses, office buildings, production plants and facilities where efficient communication is the basis of market success.


WIŚNIOWSKI certified fences are distinguished by exceptional aesthetics, full automation, reliable operation in all conditions and safety in all dimensions. A 10-year anti-corrosion warranty for fences in the DUPLEX system with triple protection of the applied steel through: zinc layer, chrome-free passivation and polyester paint. WIŚNIOWSKI Company offers system solutions tailored to each property and a range of unique solutions for industry.

Ogrodzenie z kolekcji Home Inclusive, wzór AW.10.228 w wersji z prześwitem

Fence from the Home Inclusive collection, pattern AW.10.228 in the version with clearance


Smart home with WIŚNIOWSKI

The smartCONNECTED™ feature gives you the ability to remotely control garage and entry gates, patio windows and exterior doors with electric locks from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. The io-homecontrol radio path is factory-integrated in the drives that are part of WIŚNIOWSKI products. This eliminates the need to purchase additional modules, interfaces, power supplies and further wiring. smartCONNECTED™ combines the best in one application.

Brama przesuwna i furtka z kolekcji Classic, wzór AW.10.72 w modnej czerni w duecie z bramą garażową WIŚNIOWSKI

Sliding gate and wicket from the Classic collection, pattern AW.10.72 in fashionable black in duet with WIŚNIOWSKI garage door


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