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Wiśniowski windows and doors - comfortable warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer

06 of December '23

Good when everything fits together

WIŚNIOWSKI windows and doors, as well as other WIŚNIOWSKI products, are consistent in terms of design, functionality and quality. Thanks to this holistically thought-out offer, you will create the perfect set for your project not only in terms of design - above all, you will gain confidence that each selected component is equally durable and adequately functional.

Windows to the world

WIŚNIOWSKI windows guarantee comfortable warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer, provide the right amount of light, protect against noise, are resistant to burglary and external weather conditions. The brand offers aluminum, steel and PVC windows. Made-to-measure production allows windows to fit standard openings as well as the most demanding designs. The brand's products have been appreciated by customers in more than 30 countries around the world.

Aluminiowe okna FUTURO MB86 w the Bridge Suites Hotel Kraków

FUTURO MB86 aluminum windows at the Bridge Suites Hotel Krakow.


FUTURO aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are a functional solution with almost unlimited personalization possibilities. Thanks to their specially designed construction, they are exceptionally airtight and warm. They allow the realization of large glazing, which will work well in spacious rooms. FUTURO are the perfect complement to modern architecture. A wide range of colors, veneers and decors allows you to create unique designs.

Okna PVC PRIMO 82 stanowią idealne uzupełnienie nowoczesnego budynku z cechami klasycystycznymi

PVC PRIMO 82 windows are the perfect complement to a modern building with classical features


PVC PRIMO windows

PVC PRIMO windows combine: energy efficiency, durability and design. Available in more than 100 colors, they offer a wide range of design possibilities. With an anti-burglary class up to RC2, a heat transfer coefficient of 0.69 W/(m²-K) and acoustic comfort of 38 dB - as standard, WIŚNIOWSKI windows are safe, warm and resistant to noise. Fittings are selected according to the size and weight of the product, guaranteeing its smooth operation and therefore high comfort of use. PVC PRIMO are products that successfully account for the "Clean Air" program.

Wielkoformatowe przeszklenia to wnętrza pełne naturalnego światła

Large-format glazing means interiors full of natural light


PVC DEVELO windows

DEVELO PVC windows are created in accordance with the strategy of sustainable development. The production technology of DEVELO windows has saved up to 2 tons of CO₂ emissions for each ton of raw material used, as these windows are made from recycled material. DEVELO is distinguished by its minimalist design. Advanced V-Perfect technology ensures that the corner weld remains almost invisible. Thanks to their simple lines, DEVELO PVC windows can complement aluminum joinery or be a practical alternative.

Funkcjonalne drzwi tarasowe HST wpisują się w projekt nowoczesnej stodoł

Functional HST terrace doors fit into the design of a modern barn


A house beautiful from the entrance

WIŚNIOWSKI exterior doors combine design, proper thermal insulation, favorable parameters and effective anti-burglary protection. The brand's offer includes exterior and technical doors, as well as industrial solutions. Unlimited customization possibilities allow you to create unique products that will emphasize the character of the planned investment.

Drzwi CREO znalazły się na Liście Zielonych Urządzeń i Materiałów Instytutu Ochrony Środowiska

CREO doors are on the List of Green Equipment and Materials of the Institute for Environmental Protection


Individually created

CREO is a collection of aluminum exterior doors - a combination of good style and great performance. When choosing CREO, you can use one of the designs or fully personalize them. The customer decides on: color, applications, handles, handles, milling, means of access control, type of glass, fanlights, fanlights and many other options. He also influences their security level, choosing a tailor-made anti-burglary package.

CREO door construction is based on a system of thermally insulated aluminum sections. This is one of the most advanced products on the exterior door market. Filling the leaf with 77 [mm] thick insulated panels and a system of seals allows to achieve Ud values as high as 0.8 W/(m²-K).

Aluminiowe drzwi CREO 311 HI Modern Graphite z naświetlem i doświetlem bocznym w duecie z bramą garażową UniTherm

Aluminum CREO 311 HI Modern Graphite door with fanlight and side light in duo with UniTherm garage door


Doors and ceramics - the perfect duo

Exterior doors must be resistant not only to weather conditions, but also to all events of everyday life. Resistance to scratches and splashes is guaranteed by ceramic sheathing, by which the WIŚNIOWSKI brand door offer has been extended. However, CREO with ceramic sheathing are not only resistant to mechanical damage - the ceramic used in their production is extremely smooth, and its surface is uniform, without discoloration or micro-damage.The new CREO door designs use 4 technologies that give ceramic sinters extraordinary texture, durability, while minimizing the environmental impact of production.

Forget about keys with NOVA doors

NOVA is an exterior door that combines excellent thermal performance with great design possibilities. The collection includes 43 defined designs with the possibility of execution in rich RAL colors, decors and wood veneers matching the color of the rest of the woodwork. One model offers dozens of variants that will fit into projects with diverse aesthetics. Resistance to atmospheric conditions, no need for roofing, a 5-year warranty or burglar-proof security up to RC3 class are confirmed by relevant certificates.

Drzwi zewnętrzne w systemie profili aluminiowych MB 86SI+

Exterior doors in the MB 86SI+ aluminum profile system


Thinking of people who are tired of constantly carrying keys with them, NOVA doors are equipped with a daylight function option. This function allows you to temporarily open NOVA exterior doors without using a key. All thanks to two buttons. One of them, which activates the day function - is located on the inside of the door. The other microswitch is used to open the door from the outside - it can be located in the entablature or properly integrated into the door panel.

Windows and doors for professionals

The offer of window systems and doors for facilities, technical doors and specialized doors is a rich portfolio of products proven even in extreme conditions. Durability is guaranteed by construction from solid materials - steel and aluminum. WIŚNIOWSKI products allow you to realize the boldest architectural visions.

Drzwi CREO prezentują się efektownie także we wnętrzach

CREO doors present themselves impressively also in interiors


Comprehensive offer

For an ideal investment all its elements work, their character should be consistent. The completion of the raw state is determined not only by the installation of doors and windows - during the construction process investors are also looking for a garage door, and in the next stage - also a fence. Woodwork and fencing should harmonize not only in terms of color, but also in terms of design. A guarantee of consistency in the setting is to buy windows, doors, gates and fencing from one manufacturer and one distributor. The complementary offer of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand is the best solution to the consumer's not infrequent problems with mismatched design and inadequate durability of his chosen elements.

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