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SKY - DOOR designed to comfortably access the roof terrace

06 of December '23

An innovative product created to gain comfortable access to the roof terrace. We designed SKY DOOR as a free-standing or wall-mounted glazed roof box. Access to the terrace is gained through a sliding sash driven by a modern, silent motor. This is an ideal solution for existing and planned buildings where the maximum allowable building height has already been reached.

Warszawa, kamienica Foksal 13/15

Warsaw, Foksal tenement house 13/15



  • Comfortable access to the roof terrace

  • More daylight

  • excellent thermal performance. Wind- and waterproof.

  • glazing with a 3-pane package Ug = 0.5 W/m2K

  • opening manually or automatically with the possibility of using a rain sensor, external keypad with fingerprint reader, photocells and connection to a smart home system

  • size of the base of the structure up to 6 m2

Taras w Gdyni Orłowo

Terrace in Gdynia Orłowo



Resistance to wind load (PN-EN 12210:2016-05)
- Class C4/B4 (1600 Pa)
Resistance to tearing load (PN-EN 14963:2006)
- UL 1500 class (1500 Pa)
Resistance to pressure loads (PN-EN 14963:2006)
- DL 1750 class (1750 Pa)
Air permeability (PN-EN 12207:2017-01)
- Class 3 (600 Pa)
Water tightness (PN-EN 14963:2006)
- fulfilled
Watertightness (PN-EN 12208:2001)
- Class 9A (600 Pa)
Thermal insulation EN 6946
- Uw < 1.1 / m2 K

Taras w Sopocie

Terrace in Sopot


When designing SKY-DOOR, keep in mind :

width min. 1500, max. 4200 mm
span min. 1100, max. 2400 mm
height min. 300, max 1500 mm
area should not exceed 6 m2.

Warszawa, kamienica Foksal 13/15

Warsaw, tenement house Foksal 13/15


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