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Appears and disappears - FANCY FENCE gate for home and public spaces

04 of July '20

for home and public spaces
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends in design 2020".

Gates, entrances, fences - when they are missing, we think about how to put them up, when they are standing - we dream of crossing them. FANCY FENCE gates appear and disappear on demand. They add modernity to any realization, protect from danger and strangers, but completely disappear when we need contact with the world - can you imagine better gates?


is a universal idea that works equally well in private homes, in public places or at the headquarters of public institutions. Using FANCY FENCE, you can provide security at any time and in an elegant way to the areas around city hall buildings, the parliament, embassies and other important offices that sometimes require special protection. It works the same everywhere, is equally safe and equally effective. And at the same time impressive and elegant.

Chowana brama FANCY FENCE dla domu i instytucji

A gate like an elevator

A gate from below the ground - what does it consist of?

The patented FANCY FENCE system uses well-known fence and gate elements that have been in use for years, which have been put together in an innovative way to form a raised or lowered fence of any length.

The idea is based on a system familiar from elevator construction, that is, a system of counterweights whose weight is equal to that of the span, and which are connected to it by a system of cables and bearing wheels. The entire mechanism is hidden in a special sealed concrete pocket dug into the ground, so it remains invisible.
The basic filling is steel posts, which, depending on customer preference, can be clad with any material.

Schemat konstrukcji bramy FANCY FENCE

FANCY FENCE gate contruction scheme
1. removable covers
2. manual mode cover
3 Counterweight
4. drive
5. drainage pump
6. movable gate span
7. concrete trough of the gate
8. fence
9 Photocells
10. signal lights

a. Brama - słupki stalowe b. Brama - słupki drewniane c. Brama - słupki z cortenu

Posts can be made of various materials: steel (a), wood (b), corten (c), hpl panels, quartz sinter, concrete, glass.

The use of counterweights to raise and lower the span, allows the use of typical low-power electric drives, so that none of the elements of the solution is particularly complicated. All this makes

FANCY FENCE gate is:

  • simple to construct,
  • trouble-free in operation,
  • easy to maintain,
  • practically reliable,
  • fast - the gate opens faster than other systems.

The best way to find out how fast the gate appears and disappears is to watch the video below:

Prestige and surprise effect

An ace up the architect's sleeve

I want a surprise, a "whoa effect!" - this expectation of clients spends the sleep of almost all designers. FANCY FENCE gives the effect of surprise, and at the same time guarantees to preserve the elegance of the property. Growing and hiding in a matter of seconds, the fence is a great way to architectural boredom! And at the same time much more elegant than many solutions used today "to diversify" the area.

Where is the gate?

This is a legitimate question, because not only the gate, but also the wicket of the FANCY FENCE system can not be distinguished from the rest of the fence. The FANCY FENCE wicket has no standard hinges or other characteristic details - even the handle can be dispensed with! Such an unobtrusively integrated wicket into the rest of the fence can become another interesting distinguishing feature - available only to the initiated.

Furtka w bramie FANCY FENCE

FANCY FENCE gate wicket

Always safe - among monuments and in difficult terrain

This has already been noticed by designers and customers around the world. The company installs its gates in Europe, Russia, the USA and Canada, and even in faraway Australia and South Africa. Among other things, the FANCY FENCE system was chosen to secure the main entrance of the new railroad station in Annemasse, France. The work was successfully completed in November 2019.

Difficult terrain is not only areas under the protection of the conservation authority or with particularly valuable architecture. "Difficult" can also be small properties where the garage has to be located very close to the fence line, or those where the gate has to be placed on an embankment or right next to an embankment or other sloping ground, as well as those that are very narrow, where there is no room for a retractable gate leaf around the entrance. A glance at the drawings is enough to see all the advantages of the system.

Zastosowanie bramy FANCY FENCE w terenie pochyłym Zastosowanie bramy FANCY FENCE w terenie pochyłym

Examples of the use of the FANCY FENCE gate in sloping terrain

The innovative FANCY FENCE technology allows you to provide safety and comfort where other solutions fail:

  • in conservation areas,
  • surrounded by extremely valuable architecture,
  • on plots of land located on slopes and on uneven terrain, where the bay can neither be tilted nor moved,
  • where the gate should remain completely invisible for most of the day.

Luxury around the pool

A pool by the house is not only a comfort and great pleasure, it is also a necessity to ensure the safety of all household members, especially children. FANCY FENCE will perform perfectly in the function of a pool fence. When household members (and their guests) use the pool - the fence can remain carefully hidden in the ground. The pool, which can be approached and jumped into from all sides, will certainly become a real attraction of the house. On the other hand, when the household members are busy with other things, all you have to do is activate the system, so that a solid protection will appear around the basin. Thanks to FANCY FENCE, no child will fall into the water, and no dog will clean his fur in it....

Chowana brama FANCY FENCE Chowana brama FANCY FENCE, dowlona kolorystyka i różne materiały

The simplicity and elegance of the solution are impressive, but above all, the FANCY FENCE system is practical

Modern, secure, comfortable

FANCY FENCEgates are very safe to use. This is ensured by photocell systems identical to those in sliding gates. Additional protection is provided by overload sensors fitted as standard in electric gate operators. Even if all other safety systems failed, the gates still do not pose a threat to human life, animals or property. This is due to their design, which is devoid of components against which the gate would be pressed during closing. The system is also equipped with a manual control mode, used during power outages.

The inquisitive will ask about winter conditions: will the FANCY FENCE gate not be harmed by snow, heavy rain or frost? The answer is: certainly not. This is ensured by a sealed concrete cassette and the absence of a sliding bay, which could be blocked by snowdrifts or ice. What's more, such a gate, precisely because of its design, is less prone to malfunction than the usual ones, which in winter conditions are often blocked by piles of unconsolidated snow.

If the system is located on a sloping terrain, in order to protect the underground gate cassette from flooding, it is enough to locate in front of it a well-known and frequently used drainage system.

FANCY FENCE at a glance


  • public spaces,
  • safe zones,
  • residential construction,
  • outdoor swimming pools

Features of the system

  • Retractable gate / fence, invisible gate,
  • fast opening / closing,
  • installation on sloping entrances,
  • precise installation,
  • enhanced security, manual mode, no snow removal.
  • any filling of elements

Main advantages

  • solution to increase the attractiveness of the premises, customized
  • modern design
  • possibility to use all available materials for the construction of fences, such as: steel. wood, HPL, concrete, glass, corten
  • any length and shape of fences
  • closures of the openings to prevent the ingress of impurities
  • steel posts with enlarged cross sections
  • possibility of manual operation of the fence

For more information, visit the company's FANCY FENCE Global / JP Novation Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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