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Classic, simple and durable fences and breakaway gates for the demanding

04 of July '20

Verticale fencing and folding gates
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends in 2020 arrangement".

Konsport company for more than 35 years has used its experience in the fencing industry, creating products that are durable, aesthetic and resistant to weather conditions, which is confirmed by quality certificates. A novelty in the company's offer is the VERTICALE palisade f ence - a model that, with its aesthetics, refers to the best, proven classic solutions matching any architecture, both modern and retro.

VERTICALE palisade fence - a classic touch

The Verticale model is able to emphasize the line of modern architecture and optically balance the weight of a classic block. It perfectly matches the austere masses of modern houses to traditional single-family buildings. VERTICALE model belongs to the group of products of the so-called vertical palisades. Unlike the popular PP001 family models, the filling has been radically changed.

Ogrodzenie palisadowe

Verticale palisade fencing


Much wider 80-millimeter sections were used for the infill (in the basic models the thickness of the profile is only 25 mm). Looking straight ahead you can't see the difference at all. The fence still appears light thanks to the structure facing the street with a thinner edge. Only when viewing the fence from the right angle do we notice that the seemingly simple and banal structure takes on a solid character. The new model looks best in classic grays and blacks (it is possible to use colors from the entire palette of available Konsport colors, including the palette of fine and metalized structures). Subdued color emphasizes the simple form of the fence and creates a very elegant whole.

Ogrodzenie palisadowe Verticale - kształtowniki 80 mm

Verticale palisade fencing - 80 mm sections


Additional accessories of the VERTICALE model

  • stainless steel handrails
  • gate automatics
  • EQ wicket posts.

Advantages of VERTICALE model

  • Classic look
  • Fits well in arrangements with traditional buildings
  • Profile layout provides privacy and discretion.

Self-supporting gate in the VERTICALE palisade fencing system


Self-supporting gate with wicket in VERTICALE palisade fencing system


Breakaway gates for demanding customers

A new mechanism for folding gates was introduced in May 2020. This is an ideal solution if there is not enough space to open a classic swing gate. It will be perfect for situations with insufficient space between the entrance light and the building, an entrance with a driveway that is too steep, or a curve just behind the gate.

The new system has been designed to make installation and adjustment simple and hassle-free. The breakaway gates are available with the most popular Konsport fence models such as PP002, PP002P, P64, P82 (and related models), P102, P305, PS004, Panel 2D, PB001. The mechanism is also compatible with this year's novelty - the VERTICALE model.

Brama łamana
kompatybilna z systemem ogrodzeń palisadowych VERTICALE © KONSPORT

Breakaway gate compatible with most popular Konsport fence systems.
In the visualization model PS004


For more information, visit the company's KONSPORT page on the A&B portal.

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