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Gutter fences from Konsport for those who value privacy

06 of December '21

Gutter fences from Konsport for those who value privacy

KONSPORT is a company with traditions. With years of experience, it seeks new challenges and opportunities. To meet the expectations of customers, it does not stop at proven solutions. It proposes many novelties and improves existing products. He looks for inspiration to achieve interesting design lines and surprise with a variety of forms and shapes. He does not stop looking for new technologies that facilitate material processing. He treats new projects as challenges to be met. He puts a lot of work into them and strives for perfection to match the requirements of customers.

Ogrodzenie PP002 P82
/PP002 P82 NOCE

Fence PP002 P82 /PP002 P82 NOCE


Popular fencing models include P82, PS004 and this year's novelty VERTICALE.


The Verticale model is a very classic and elegant fence. In appearance, it refers to the line of light palisade fences, giving the impression of a delicate structure. However, unlike the light palisades in the Verticale model, much wider, 80-millimeter sections were used for filling. To prevent them from becoming overwhelming, they were turned with a thinner edge to the street. This procedure made the structure appear light and subtle, although it is filled with wide sections. The effect is better if the fence is viewed from the right angle. Then the seemingly simple and banal structure of the fence acquires a solid character.

Ogrodzenie PP002 P82
oraz gabiony

PP002 P82 fence and gabions



Model PP 002 (P82) is a unique horizontal fence by KONSPORT. It uniquely highlights the contemporary architecture of the house and garden. Modern geometric design, devoid of decorative elements, makes the PP 002 (P82) fence will highlight the uniqueness of any building. The modern line and streamlined style of the fence gives expressiveness to any property and emphasizes its unique character. The P82 model comes in several variants. One of them is the PINO/NOCE variant , in which part of the filling are profiles imitating the pattern of pine or walnut wood. Another variant is the COLORE model, where part of the infill differs in color from the main color of the fence.


  • wide profiles and small clearances
  • provides a sense of privacy
  • perfectly harmonizes with modern architecture.

Ogrodzenie Verticale

Fence Verticale



Vernal fences are appreciated especially by people who value privacy. With this type of solution, no one from the outside can see into the property. A sense of privacy is achieved by using densely arranged rails. This arrangement gives an interesting, non-uniform texture. The latter sensationally blends with modern, minimalist architecture. It is its ideal complement and an interesting counterpoint. The louvre fence goes beautifully with posts made of natural materials, such as stone. If the same elements are also used on the facade, then the property looks uniformly, almost like an "architectural gem".

Formore information, visit the company's KONSPORT page on thePdA portal

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