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Unrivaled premium powder coating system for a unique architectural look

06 of December '21

Unrivaled premium powder coating system for a deep matte, elegant and unique look in architecture and design

Za pomocą tej
wyjątkowej kolekcji próbek firma IGP Pulvertechnik przedstawia nową EDYCJĘ SPECJALNĄ IGP-DURA®xal: Polichromia architektoniczna Le Corbusier.
(Ilustracja IGP Pulvertechnik)

With this unique collection of samples, IGP Pulvertechnik presents the new SPECIAL EDITION IGP-DURA®xal: Le Corbusier Architectural Polychrome.


About a decade ago, IGP Pulvertechnik AG, as a leader in powder coatings, launched IGP-DURA®xal 42. The said unrivaled premium powder coating system is widely used in the architectural segment, such as facades.

The fine microstructure provides a deep matte, velvety appearance and a highly weather-resistant high-quality finish. The entire range can be called unique in itself, but if you don't choose the right solution from the available color palette, IGP Pulvertechnik offers customization and paint formulation for your project.

"We are known for translating architects' designs into our products," says Anja Meerhoff, architectural consultant at IGP Pulvertechnik. "On behalf of IGP Pulvertechnik, I provide the facade industry with comprehensive, project-specific advice on advanced surface finishes for metal architectural elements, all for any project. Color is undoubtedly a very important element in architecture, interiors and design."

And Erwin Kleuters, CEO of IGP Benelux BV adds:

"The importance and popularity of color continues to grow and reference to specific shades is becoming more and more common. That's why I'm proud to announce that as a licensee of Les Couleurs Suisse, IGP Pulvertechnik is the only powder coatings manufacturer in the world that can add this new, unique color range to its powder coatings portfolio."

Drobna mikrostruktura
IGP-Dura®xal zapewnia głęboko matowy, aksamitnie miękki wygląd i bardzo odporne na warunki atmosferyczne, wysokiej jakości wykończenie

"IGP-Dura®xal's fine microstructure provides a deeply matte, velvety soft appearance and a highly weather-resistant, high-quality facade finish.


Exclusive special edition

This exclusive special edition within the IGP-DURA®xal series is Polychromie Architecturale.

Anja Meerhoff explains: "Le Corbusier was one of the leading architects of the last century. He is considered the most influential architect of modernity. However, in reality he was more than just an architect. As a true visionary and multi-talented artist, he was ahead of his time with his highly distinctive vision of color.
Drawing on his extensive experience with structure, volume and color, he developed a purist chromaticism for modern architecture. Le Corbusier's architectural polychrome is a true masterpiece and consists of a standard, harmonious system of 63 shades within two color collections: 1931 and 1959."

The 1931 collection features natural-looking primary colors that evoke associations with our surroundings. A memory of air, sand, landscape. The 1959 collection consists of more saturated colors. These shades tend to stand out visually and change the observer's perception.

zastosowany w Limmathof Hotel & Spa, Baden (CH). (Ilustracja: Atelier West Architekter)

IGP-DURA®xal applied to the Limmathof Hotel & Spa, Baden (CH). (Illustration: Atelier West Architekter)


Iridescent and vivid effect

"The functional and aesthetic qualities of DURA®xal exude the vitality that Le Corbusier was looking for," says Anja Meerhoff and Erwin Kleuters adds, "In addition, IGP's unique technology has proven to be perfectly suited to achieve the desired look and feel, with depth due to the iridescent effect and velvety tactile perception - within the Le Corbusier color palette."

Firma Arktura
Solutions Study w Los Angeles (USA) skupia się na projektowaniu, aby wyróżnić elewację, zastosowano jasny kolor z gamy IGP-DURA®xal.
(Architect HLVV)

Arktura Solutions Study in Los Angeles (USA) focuses on design, a bright color from the IGP-DURA®xal range was used to make the facade stand out. (Architect HLVV)


Strategic knowledge partner

However, it's not just about color.

"Flawless, consistently high-quality surface finishes require expertise and experience in both the production and application process of our powder coatings. To achieve such a beautiful product, innovative technologies have been used," says Erwin Kleuters and continues: "but it is equally important to ensure the optimal use of our product."

Which is the reason why IGP not only advises and supports in product and color selection, but also offers technical support in correct pretreatment methods and application techniques.

"With our many years of experience and technical expertise, we are a valuable and strategic partner for our customers, designers and painters. A fundamental aspect of architectural design is selecting the best materials, techniques and systems for each project. The trick, then, is to specify them correctly to meet all quality requirements and expectations for reliability, durability and maintenance of surface finishes. This is where the added value of IGP powder coatings lies." - concludes Anija Meerhoff.

For more information, visit the company's IGP Pulvertechnik Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal

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