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FORBET TOPLine - unique surfaces

06 of December '21

Inspired by nature FORBET TOPLine from a passion for concrete

For more than 35 years, we have been invariably passionate about concrete, seeking new and innovative production technologies. With modern equipment and numerous processing capabilities, we create solutions for your ideas. Our products are the perfect backdrop for the landscape, harmoniously fitting into the development projects of urban, public and private spaces.

Grupa produktów FORBET

FORBET TOPLine product group


We creatively and unconventionally implement our own projects, as well as those of external designers. Together we change the environment and improve the comfort of users. At every stage of production we are characterized by responsibility for the material we offer, and care for the environment is a natural part of our daily work. We dynamically adapt to customer needs, invest and grow for you.


GIGANTE GRANDE shell color



A new product group that was created by applying innovative concrete processing technology. Precise methods of surface refinement, allow us to create intricate patterns and individual 3D decors. This type of technology also makes it possible to realize countless structures, and the way concrete is colored makes the materials unique.
In the TOPLine product segment , polished surfaces from the LUSTRIA group deserve special attention . The satin structure of the product, ideally shows the beauty of the natural stone raw materials used in the formulation. The process of refining the face of the concrete surface, allows the real stone to be presented in an attractive way, making nature the leitmotif of the LUSTRIA group and the entire TOPLine segment .


GIGANTE titanium color


Another unveiling of structures in the group are the porous textures of GRANULIA and MICROGRANULIA materials . By pebling the top layer of concrete, the natural stone is exposed, resulting in a rough anti-slip structure. Depending on the intensity and nature of the treatment, we get the effect of flamed or sandblasted stone. The multiplicity of processing technologies in our machine park, allows an individual approach to the project assumptions. At the customer's request, we can prepare any pattern or color that will distinguish his investment and make the pavement safe and aesthetically pleasing. Your needs are our challenges.

Płyta lewitująca 120
kolor crema

Levitating plate 120 crema color


Personalized approach to the subject of design concepts

Daily search for new solutions, allowed us to prepare vibro-pressed large-format slabs from the GIGANTE system and complementary elements of small architecture. Frequent confrontation with the subject of the diversity of needs of architects and greenery designers, directed us to invest in the area of reinforced cast concrete platform sl abs. We are creative and dare to do things that no one has done before. Thanks to your inventiveness, we acquire practical knowledge and interesting realizations. Together we learn how to influence the environment through the use of architectural expressions. The greatest satisfaction in our business, is your satisfaction and joy of the investor. A beautifully composed and realized space with FORBET concrete materials is a dream come true - a perfect complement to nature and architecture.

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