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Freedom of design for external water connections with SCHELL POLAR II valve

06 of December '21

Modern buildings are designed together with the surrounding infrastructure, namely gardens, relaxation spaces or small architecture. The quality of the design is also evidenced by functional solutions, including outdoor water taps, which provide the convenience of taking care of the greenery and keeping the outdoor space clean.

Outdoorwater connections are essential, especially if the design of the building's surroundings includes lush vegetation. However, such fittings must be well thought out and durable, as they are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Particularly demanding is the autumn and winter period and sub-zero temperatures. In such conditions, traditional valves can be damaged by freezing water. In extreme cases, the internal installation can even be burst by ice, resulting in the cost of repairing potential flooding damage. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the installation is thoroughly drained.

SCHELL POLAR II został wyposażony w pokrętło Comfort oraz klucz zabezpieczający

SCHELL POLAR II is equipped with a Comfort knob and a safety key.


This problem is eliminated by the SCHELL POLAR II frost-proof tap valve. It uses an innovative automatic drainage and aeration system that removes water after each use. As a result, it can be used without fail even in winter. The SCHELL POLAR II outdoor faucet additionally comes complete with an ergonomic "Comfort" knob and socket key to secure it against unauthorized use. Frost-resistant SCHELL POLAR II valves are ideal not only in single-family houses or cottages, but also in all places where high resistance to damage is required from fittings. So they can be successfully used in public and commercial spaces, as well as industrial. There are two versions to choose from - for new or modernized buildings.

Zawór długi SCHELL POLAR II do budynków nowo budowanych

SCHELL POLAR II long valve for new construction buildings


Easy installation in new buildings

The SCHELL POLAR II Set Val ve is designed for quick and easy installation of a frost-proof valve in new-build buildings, regardless of the thickness of the wall and the material used to build it. The valve mechanism is housed in a brass body, which is placed in a properly prepared culvert in the wall with an appropriate slope of 1º. The prefabricated solution is suitable for installation in a standard wall with a thickness of 200 to 500 mm. After finishing the facade of the building, the culvert is cut and the connection of the fittings is created. The final assembly step is the application of the tap fitting and the rosette applied to the external mechanism of the valve.

Zawór SCHELL POLAR II do montażu w istniejących budynkach

SCHELL POLAR II valve for installation in existing buildings


With modernized buildings in mind

The frost-proof POLAR II valve is also available in a special mounting kit for use in an existing water system. The connection of the fixture is then carried out via a G½ threaded connection or a copper pipe with a diameter of 15 mm. The installation depth of the fixture is up to 480 mm, while the wall in which SCHELL POLAR II is to be installed must have a minimum thickness of 200 mm and a maximum of 500 mm. In the installation version designed for installation in renovated buildings, the dimensions of the valve can also be adjusted effortlessly to the depth of the wall. A special tool is included that allows it to be trimmed to the desired length. On the other hand, on the inside of the building, it is necessary to provide only a water connection for the fitting.

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