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SCHELL GRANDIS E faucet awarded five times!

21 of January '22

The award-winning SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen faucet.

The innovative SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen faucet has won the Plus X Award in as many as five categories. The jury of the prestigious competition appreciated its exceptional quality, attractive design, ease of use, as well as functionality and ergonomic design. Another unique feature of modern electronic mixers are innovative functions that ensure optimal hygiene of water installations in buildings.

At a time when the demands placed on installation solutions and building equipment are getting higher and higher, high-quality, sustainable technologies that provide not only savings, but also high comfort in everyday use are gaining in importance. The aim of the Plus X Award is to draw attention to brand-name products that have a market advantage in terms of quality in many diverse aspects. Points are awarded for innovation, original design, but also high functionality, the quality of materials used in production, and thus the long life of the product, which is in line with the requirements of sustainable development. The award is given only to those solutions that have achieved at least one "Plus X" factor. The GRANDIS E mixer combines all the requirements of the program, and is also distinguished by its intelligent actuation and programming mechanism. For all these reasons, an independent jury of 144 independent experts from 32 countries awarded the SCHELL faucet as many as five "Plus X" coefficients.

Elektroniczna bateria kuchenna SCHELL GRANDIS E

SCHELL GRANDIS E electronic kitchen faucet


Functionality and intelligent hygiene

The SCHELL GRANDIS E mixer combines the advantages of a single-lever faucet with the infrared control function typical of electronic sanitary solutions, making it very hygienic and convenient to use. Due to the touchless actuation, both hands and the housing remain clean at all times. This allows to raise the hygiene standards of use and eliminates the possibility of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. The functionality of the solution is underscored by carefully thought-out design details, such as the spout rotation limiter and the ability to power the mixer from the mains or battery. The electronic faucet, which can operate as part of the smart grid, is equipped with an additional anti-stagnation automatic flush program. The benefits of this feature will be appreciated by both individual users and building administrators. Regular flushing of the system after a prolonged period of downtime or according to an individual schedule helps prevent the proliferation of potentially dangerous bacteria in standing water. The intelligent solution can furthermore be easily combined with the SCHELL SWS water system management system, which opens up even more possibilities for maintaining drinking water quality. Central control by the SCHELL SWS server guarantees rational and economical water management in the building.

For more information, visit the company 'sSCHELL Polska Sp. z o.o. page on theAiB portal.

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