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AS 178HS PRO SLIM door ULTRA variant. The first minimalist solution for HST doors

15 of April '24

The fashion for large glazing and the drive to minimize the amount of visible aluminum continues unabated. For this reason, Aluron has created an ULTRA variant for its top lift-and-slide door system AS 178HS PRO SLIM. The biggest advantage of the new product version is the narrowest HST door mullion on the market.

Economical alternative to narrow-profile solutions

The ULTRA variant of the AS 178HS PRO SLIM system is the best alternative to expensive and complicated to build thin-profile systems. Its design allows hiding the already narrow standard frames - amounting to only 37 mm - in the insulation layer. Nevertheless, it was this year that Aluron introduced an innovation that allows its product to compete freely with narrow-frame sliding doors. This is because the designers equipped the ULTRA variant with the narrowest HST door post on the market, amounting to only 25 mm! Previously available solutions oscillated around 47-50 mm. The ULTRA variant is an ideal solution for customers expecting a unique design, who dream of rooms drowning in natural light.

The novelty in Aluron's offer ensures ease of prefabrication, it also gives the opportunity to choose from a wide range of hardware from reputable suppliers: Siegenia, G-U, HAUTAU, MACO. The installation of glass is carried out in a standard way. The glass is glued to only one edge of the narrow mullion profile. The maximum weight of the leaf is 600 kg.

Drzwi AS 178HS PRO SLIM wariant ULTRA

Door AS 178HS PRO SLIM variant ULTRA


ULTRA smart variant

The twenty-five-millimeter mullion is not the only innovation that Aluron has introduced in the AS 178HS PRO SLIM system. Another innovation is the possibility of equipping sliding doors in the ULTRA variant with elegant multicolor LED lighting. What's more, the solution can be integrated with a smart home system. This will allow you to control the lighting, its colors, time synchronization using a suitable panel or smartphone. LEDs - in addition to aesthetic reasons - can be used, for example, to inform about the opening and/or non-closing of the HST door after dark.

Versatile lift-and-slide doors

Even before the introduction of the ULTRA variant, the AS 178HS PRO SLIM lift-and-slide door was distinguished by its versatility and high build quality. The latter is manifested, among other things, in the use of a tight labyrinth strip, modern TPE gaskets and the ANTY-BI-METAL technology used as standard, which prevents the door from deforming due to significant temperature differences. The system also presents a wide range of space arrangement and aesthetic variants, among others:

  • It is available in a unique GLASS LINE version with elegant enamel glass applied from the outside on the entire surface of the leaf, so that all aluminum sections are completely invisible.

  • Using standard components from Aluron's offer, it is also possible to make a pocket door sliding structure. This type of minimalist solution provides space saving and visual lightness.

  • The system allows the construction of all-glass corners at an angle of +/- 90o

Drzwi AS 178HS PRO SLIM wariant ULTRA

AS 178HS PRO SLIM door ULTRA variant


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