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OKNOPLAST FOR ART: We know the winners of the 2nd edition of the competition

10 of April '24

We have met the winners of the second edition of the international competition OKNOPLAST FOR ART, organized by OKNOPLAST in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK! The contest was an opportunity for artists from the European Union to express their creativity by creating artistic works using a window supplied by OKNOPLAST.

Creating on the window presented an unusual challenge for artists. However, after the previous edition of OKNOPLAST FOR ART, we became convinced that this seemingly extravagant idea brings extraordinary artistic results. The success of the second edition did not come as a complete surprise to us, nevertheless, the interest in the competition and the level of works exceeded our expectations. We want to sincerely thank all the participants for their participation and artistic commitment. In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to the jury for their professionalism in selecting the winners  said Magdalena Cedro-Czubaj, head of marketing at OKNOPLAST.

Nearly 300 talented artists participated in the competition, whose works proved the importance of diversity of forms and innovative approaches to contemporary art. After lengthy deliberations, the jury selected the winners and awarded honourable mentions to several exceptional projects:

1st Place

Title of work: untitled
Author: Michal Rejner

Michal Rejner (1995)  the starting points for his artistic reflection are often social issues. In his works he addresses the problems of exclusion, racial intolerance, loss of dignity by the human individual, economic inequality, homelessness or loneliness. Aiming to strengthen the overtones of the works  the artist uses diverse media and techniques. He makes equal use of the value of the plane and the suggestiveness of artistic installation. In spatial works, he reaches for objects drawn from other people's lives and, using a creative process inspired by a specific place and problem, transforms them into conceptual sculptures. In his installations, he addresses topics close to every human being, putting them in close contact with the work through the touch and energy of his works, he invites the viewer to explore their ideas as well as their experiences with the material. He treats openness to experimental workshop practices and readiness to "grab inspiration hot" as essential components of his creative practice.

2nd Place

Title of work: Halina Parapetova
Authors: Ewa Bone and Ewa Kozubal

Ewa Bone (1977) graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (2003), diploma with distinction in the studio of Prof. Wojciech Kujawski. From 2003-2004 assistant in the sculpture studio of Miroslaw Balka.

Ewa Kozubal (1978)  graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (2004), diploma with honourable mention in the studio of Prof. Jan Berdyszak, honourable mention for the best diploma in the Maria Dokowicz competition.

The artists have been forming an artistic duo since 2000. They express themselves through sculpture, installation, happening. Co-authors of four Audiovisual Arts Festivals in Tuczno, directors of numerous creative workshops and cultural events in the urban zone. For several years they cooperated with KontenerArt in Poznan and alternative theaters in the realization of scenography and happenings. They are the authors of the figure of the Spokesman on the Boulevard in Gorzow Wielkopolski, commonly known as Janusz Gorzowski, and the statue of Krzysztof Jarzyna of Szczecin Chief of All Chiefs standing in the area of Lasztownia in Szczecin.

3rd Place

Title of the work: I want my wasted minutes back
Author: Marta Ciolkowska

Marta Ciolkowska (1993) visual artist, creator of video, installations, sculpture and graphics, exploring the subject of human impact on the environment and the influence of developing technology on modern man. A graduate of Interior Design at the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (2017), she also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. In recent years, she has participated in various national and international exhibitions and festivals. Her works have been shown at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the Institute of Art and Culture in Barcelona, among others. She has been a resident of PLAN8T Artist/Architect In Residence (P8AIR) (Changsha, China), Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto UNIDEE Residency Programs (Biella, Italy), KARP Residency (Kamina Lomé, Togo), Tiliade Association (Oasis Des Âges, France) and GugArt2024 Guido Gobino (Turin, Italy). Her work has appeared in numerous catalogs and publications, in group and solo exhibitions.

The official presentation of the awards and the presentation of the awarded works will take place during the vernissage on June 13, 2024 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK. Our sincere congratulations to all the winners and awarded artists! The works created are an extraordinary inspiration for the world of contemporary art.

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